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Weak Supraspinatis & Scapulae

  I had c5/c6 fusion 11/06 & shoulder impingement surgery (NO TEARS).Things have been going well. I NEED SOME NECK REHAB EXERCISES. My art practioner & acupuncturer say that my scapula  (Superior medial border) is unstable when my arms past 100 degrees. The area were the supraspinatus & levator met. Could use some help....thanks

Are you able to see a physical therapist? This is a time where you may need more than an exercise list.

I really feel that when I had my neck surgery that the therapist really did’nt do enough for overall strenghtening.I should mention that I had shoulder & scapula issues for 3 three years until they figured out that I had shattered the disk in my neck.My neck flexibility is really good from years palying college football & lifting .

THe therapist idea of strenghtening was more stretches & chin tucks only. I think with the instability i’m dealing with still i need some more exercises to strengthen my neck.When I try to do any supraspinatus rehab exercises i feel grinding & popping in the area i mentioned before.

I already am doing the inside out routine, face pulls, push ups & shrugs, external rotations. I train legs, & for chest only push ups.