Weak Sumo Deadlift Lockout

Hey so I deadlift sumo and have an unsual problem… I fail at lockout…
For reference my belted PR is 200kg and suited is 215kg (barely)…

So when I lift (especially suited) the bar usually comes up off the floor fast, but when the bar crosses my knees it slows down fast over a couple inches and then I have to muscled it through to lockout. Any ideas what my weakness is and how to improve it?

Along a similar line, when I lift suited my hips always pop up too fast… any advice?


Could be one of a million different factors. 99% of the time it is a technique issue. So, if that sucks, then it’s probably the problem.

Hmmm… Well I will post a video soon to check that form issue. I think my form is OK… Only thing I am worried about is poor groin flexibility so my knees drop in a little and that also pushed up my hips a touch… Anyways I will post. Thanks for your reply.

[quote]arramzy wrote:
Hmmm… Well I will post a video soon to check that form issue. I think my form is OK… Only thing I am worried about is poor groin flexibility so my knees drop in a little and that also pushed up my hips a touch… Anyways I will post. Thanks for your reply.[/quote]

No problem, sorry if that came off kind of dick-ish. I didn’t mean for it to be. It’s hard to tell anything without a video.

Thanks for your help! Here is a 425 non suited… Pretty light but it will give you an idea of my form!

Hey I recognize that gym…

(I was the dude spotting you on shirt work several weeks back, haha)

Ohhhh hahaha I remember you! Well I actually hit 350 bench yesterday the same day as this deadlift so I am getting better with that shirt finally! lol! Any comments on this deadlift???

Nice work! Do you do all of your equipped lifting solo at the Y? Or do you have another place you go for the suit stuff?

As far as the pull, you’re much better at it that I am! I pull conventional and have tiny T rex arms so I’m not overly familiar with the sumo form/cues lol. Hopefully someone more advanced chimes in on this one.

Plus I haven’t pulled in 6 weeks, still running smolov! I almost forget how to do it lol.

As far as equipped lifting I don’t do too much of it but I mostly do it myself… I usually just ask someone to pull up my straps to squat or for a lift off lol… Sometimes I lift at the university, sometiems at the Y and sometimes at peak power on sait campus. I don’t have a regular schedule so I can’t find good training partners. Also, I’d rather lift myself! I like to do exactly what I want and that way I focus on what I want to and don’t have to worry about anyone else! Call me selfish but it works for me! How’s smolov? I guess you are doing the full cycle… Shit, I personnaly would never dream of doing anything more than just the intro meso cycle!! Wear your elbow sleeves and wrist wraps!

Haha true enough man. Not many people have the stones to do any equipped stuff on their own.

Smolov is actually going unbelievable. Partly due to muscle memory (I’ve had a 400 plus squat in the past) and partly to do with being a heavy bastard (245ish right now) but my squat took a gigantic leap just after the base alone.

Before the cycle I plugged in 325 as my max (I could hit that for a triple at the time, so I was undercutting it some). On testing day for the base mesocycle I took 405 for a ride, I was pleasantly surprised! Just finishing up the 2 week switching phase right now and intense starts Monday! Pretty stoked.

My wife had a bit of a simlar issue. She’d pull 280 raw where her weak point was off the floor (once it got past this it would rocket up) and then only get 295 in a suit where she would rip it off the floor but then stall completely at lockout.
Her geared lift imporved and I think it was because she was trying to pull it too quickly rather than maintain good from throughout the lift. As a result, she’d get too far forward and lose the lockout which had been her strong point.
Speed off the floor is good, but not if it comes at the expense of compromising your position in the second half of the lift.

Looks like your having trouble pushing your hips through at the top and you’re compensating by hyperextending your back. You could start the pull a little better too. It looks like your slightly shooting your hips up at the start and wasting energy and movement. What helped me is keeping the spine of the scapula directly above the bar with the arms perpendicular to the ground with the bar over midfoot.

I’m not very familiar with what exercises or drills will help with the lockout since breaking the floor to mid-shin is my sticking point.

I would try to get your hips lower/closer to the bar and back more vertical, you are starting at a 45 degree back angle and I am betting with heavier weight it gets. You are not shooting your hips through at the top. RDL’s (you can do them sumo style) would be helpful, personally I like lower weight higher rep ones to blast the lockout. Sumo rack pulls could work too, just make sure your knees don’t go forward.