Weak, Stiff, Fatigued Feet and Knee Joints/Ligaments

Hey everyone,

Glad to be posting on these boards again.

BACKGROUND. I’m male 28 and had been an athlete until my career took over in my adult life. Spent the last 10 years without conditioning/training and heavy (daily) drinking and smoking. Poor diet as well, eating mostly take out rarely homemade meals. I lost my job April 2016 and went on a downward spiral of extremely poor eating, heavy smoking and heavy drinking and no physical activity whatsoever. Literally bedridden in self pitty. I gained about 50lb and continued this trend until November 2016.

I’ve been slowly kicking myself back into shape, cut the alcohol and smoking and eating mostly homemade. I’ve lost about 20lb (mostly from the removal of alcohol).

HERE is the topic of concern. I’ve always had weak ankles due to an ‘accessory navicular’ bone in my feet. However, for the past 5 months I’ve been experiencing very tight feet and knee sensations whenever I stay still for about 1/2 hour or more. For example, if i’m on my bed watching movies and get up the top of my feet bones seem to be “stuck” and foot flex is very tight. It takes about 5 seconds to put weight on them and after my first couple steps I’m completely fine. Most of this feeling comes from the lowest point of my Achilles tendon which has its own set of peculiar issues as well. Along with that my right knee seems to suffer some kind of “rigor mortis” sensation after a like period of non movement. It feels as though it’s so sore I can’t move it. But again it only takes about 5 seconds to straighten it out and them I’m back to normal. This only happens on my right knee. There is no pain at all, nothing excruciating just uncomfortable. I am able to run and jump and squat quite well for my current fitness level. I also am regaining my self proclaimed above average flexibility with no issues. I feel I’m not getting enough or the right nutrients for bone and ligament health. And I haven’t been injured in any way.

Can someone please help my diagnose this? At first I thought my period through 2016 of being literally immobile caused this. But even now that I’m in the upswing of reclaiming my health these issues havent healed. I’m sorry for the long post but please I’d appreciate all the help as you can.


Take fish oil and some sort of joint support.

Lose weight. Being heavier makes everything harder. If you read about the forces your knees and ankles take just from stairs you’d know every pound needs to earn its keep. I have a stand up desk and I can really feel the difference in 10-20lbs.

Get walking. The blood flow from just walking helps with lower body joint pain. But it often hurts to start walking.

Go to the doctor and get checked for Lyme and autoimmune diseases. The panel is pretty simple. A rheumatologist will need consulted of they find anything or if the PCP can’t solve your joint pain issues.

Thanks Basement Gainz. I think losing weight is really the answer here. As well as stretching my flat feet now that I’m running again. Being honest I’ve only really just started serious jogging 2 months ago as I only did a few times during December and January. I believe my body is getting stronger it’s just not happening as I’m used to from my younger days.