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Weak Squats, Knee Pain


wondering if anyone can give me some advice.
Ive been reading all day about hip activation, glutes, foam rolling, etc. kinda overwhelmed and a bit lost.

Ive always had weak squats. recently after a long break due to unrelated injury, i got back into the gym. Day 1, i start going through the motions with no weight and i get anterior knee pain from doing a squat...with no weight. its been 4 weeks and i have the same problem everytime i go into a squat position.

i feel that i dont use my hips or glutes at all when squatting and they never really got sore in the past after a squat workout. i feel that my hamstring flexibility sucks. i feel im not sitting back into my squat at all. ive read starting strength so i know what i should be doing.

on my lower body days what should my focus be or what should my routine consist of? outside of the gym what should i be doing? i feel i need to strengthen and activate my hips/glutes and increase flexibility. Ill read everything and anything you guys pass along. I'd like to be squatting again someday.


Post a video of yourself performing the squat so we can see what you’re doing, doesn’t matter what you’ve read if you’re not actually putting it into proper practice. Not saying you’re not trying but book smarts does not equal ability in the gym.
Try doing Box squats, I found this to be one of the best ways of developing proper technique as well as increasing strength.
For your knee problem, can’t really comment, orthopaedic specialists can disagree on the cause or best method of treatment for this type of treatment. Best thing to do here I think is find a good physiotherapist, as always I’d recommend going to one that specializes in sports injury and get their opinion after they examine you.

Lower body Day suggestions; Exercise 1 = Main lift - either squat or Dead Lift or one of these lifts variants (i.e. front squat, romanian dead lift)
Exercise 2 = if main exercise is a squat, something that’s Hamstring dominant, if main exercise is a deadlift something that’s quad dominant.
Exercise 3 = lower back work
Exercise 4 = Free exercise - any leg exercise you want to do (change it every lower body day)
Exercise 5 = Core work


i dont have a way to make a video right now. im sure my form is needs work. it think my problem is my lack of flexibility is preventing me from using my glutes and hips. im gonna start doing box squats for sure.


break from the hips, not the knees, when you start the lift.


Deadlift to build posterior strength?


widen your stance.