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Weak Squat Strong Quads


I just read this entire thread. 80 fucking posts, and only 3 posts (this and the couple from Mark that followed) that address the real issue.

You’re built like a goddamn toothpick. That’s the issue. There are a fair amount of skinny, lanky guys out there with big pulls, but nobody is squatting big weights with skinny legs and such a thin torso. You need more upper back mass to support the weight, you need to brace better, and you flat out need bigger legs. I definitely think a ‘mass phase’, however you want to approach it, is necessary if you want to be a well rounded powerlifter. If all you really care about is hitting that world record deadlift you’ve talked about, then that may be an issue, because that will run counter to filling your body out for the other 2 lifts. Unless you’re committed to just weighing a whole lot more (which in my opinion, if you want to be good at powerlifting, you should do.)

Weight classes are height classes in disguise. If you’re taller than 6’0 (it looks like you are), then you should be competing at 200 lbs bodyweight at a bare minimum if you want a competitive total, and not just a pretty good deadlift.


I think he might still use that for BB/physique but not for PL. I only really absorb the info that is relevant to me, I don’t care about what some guys do to look good in a speedo.

Overall, Israetel has changed some of his ideas from when he first came on the scene but nothing too drastic.


I swear I told him that several times, here and elsewhere. I just tried to be polite about it, maybe it’s not getting through.


I just said youre right and im gonna bulk some replies ago???


I know i need more mass,thats why i mentioned im bulking several times. This post was about what i could change right now in terms of technique


Maybe I should have phrased that differently.


I get that. And I think size will contribute greatly to fixing your technique. I don’t think there’s anything you need to change as far as cues or how you approach the squat in general, at least not right now. I think you don’t have the musculature to support proper technique. I don’t see any tweaks you could make that would significantly improve your squat numbers, so it’s just not something you need to concern yourself with right now.