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Weak Squat Strong Quads


Hmmm so shortened roms and slowly increasing it making sure my body has time to adjust and not break under the form. Will do,thanks a lot man,appreciate it.


Yeah, your quads aren’t the weak point, more likely a combination of glutes being weak and using a motor pattern that doesn’t fully involve them. So do some glute-specific work to get them working better. RDLs for high reps with a band around your waist anchored behind you are great for that. Dead squat would probably help too, when I do those it feels like all glutes.

Here’s what I do for hip mobility:
-15x hip airplane (both legs)
-2x30 sec. hip flexor static stretch - the way I do this is with the leg on the side I’m stretching on a footstool and hold onto something in front of me. Just find a way to make this work for you, any time I tried the version where you have your heel pulled up to your ass it irritated my hips more and my knees too.
-15x 90/90 transitions - this is a dynamic version of the 90/90 hip stretch, moving from one side to the other
-3x30 sec. sitting down in a full squat - I do this wearing my squat shoes, it seems like it works better that way than bare feet or different shoes because that will change your bottom position. Try to relax your hips and quads at the bottom. I hold onto something while I do this so I don’t fall over, you want to stretch your muscles rather than work on balance in a full bodyweight squat.
-After that I do about 8-10 bodyweight squats, bounce around a bit at the bottom and try to loosen up anything that still feels tight.
-Since yesterday I started rolling my quads with a lacrosse ball, I figured out that it’s my rectus femoris that is causing me trouble at the moment. You can roll out your glutes, TFL, whatever, if needed. If your glutes are tight then definitely roll them and put some extra work into the left side if that one is worse.

Don’t do this before training, do this as far away from training as possible.


Thanks for the specific response,that helps a lot. Ill make a checklist and do all of those. Ill keep you guys updated altho i think it will take a while to see the results.


Another thing that would help your squat is squatting with bands. If you tip forward the bands will make the lift way harder, it teaches you to stay in position. I did this before and it made a significant difference. Just don’t do all your squatting with bands. The tension at the top should be about 15-20% of your max, do doubles and triples.


Unfortunately i havent seen any gym where iive that has power racks or a place in the squat rack where i can tie the bands to in order to do band squats,so not an option for me.


The issue after watching the squat video is obvious but some seems to be avoiding it



Post #1053 -1057 in this log are all about getting proper pelvis.

Post #1037 is about specific, small hip rehab moves.


Post # 1542-1557 in this log are about another guys hip related deadlift issues.

Post # 1558 is about locking in your back and hinging to the bar in deadlift.



Thanks man. But i wanna say that i think i know what “good pelvic tilt” is and how to get into it by bracing,but when i do that,i am kinda unable to hinge,at least not to full range of motion(as in depth in squats or off the floor deads).


A good test will be to stand on one leg/foot for 45 seconds. Then stand on the other leg/foot for 45 seconds. If everything is proper things will be symmetrical and there will be no issues.

If something is off it will be super hard to get the leg/pelvis lined up and very hard to stand on that foot.


Anchor the bands to heavy dumbbells, you can put them between plates or something else so they don’t move around.


What issue do you speak of?


No muscle I’m guessing. OP is skinny AF. It’s not a matter of weak X or Y because there isn’t enough muscle anywhere for anything to be weaker than anything else.


Not having enough muscle causes specific form breakdowns and compensation in certain muscles and angles? So how big do i gotta get for my form to be perfect?


Bigger than you are. At the moment you don’t have enough muscle anywhere that you need to make one part stronger. Just bring everything up. You’d be surprised how many problems that will solve.


That’s what I was saying earlier, no use looking for weak points because everything needs to get stronger.

Getting bigger and improving your form are two different things, but unless you have some absurdly strong lifts at a low weight you should definitely work on gaining some weight. I forget what height and weight you are now, but somewhere in the range of 198-220 would probably be good. You don’t want to gain all that weight overnight and you won’t anyway, but spend a couple months here and there bulking and over time you will make a lot more progress. Some people say they just want to get strong and not get big, but unless you are already big that won’t get you very far.


Ye thats what im doing,im in my 2nd month of bulking and planning to do it for at least 5 more months


You should read some of the stuff Mike Israetel puts out, he says that you don’t want to bulk for more than abut 3 months straight because you will start gaining too much fat and not much muscle after a while. Same idea applies to cutting, after a while you start losing more muscle rather than fat. Just take a 1-2 month break from bulking every few months and you should be fine. In any case, you should only be bulking when training volume is high, high volume plus extra calories is what grows muscle.




Im doing exactly Mike Israetels prescription on hypertrophy periodization,increasing sets per muscle each week until i reach 15 sets and then deload. Wouldnt bulking a bit then cutting a bit then repeat just make me end up in the same place like a loophole?


Is this a response to me?

Mike Israetel puts a lot of stuff on facebook, that’s where I get a good portion of this info. Also he discusses these things in his books, I have “Scientific Principles…” and “Renaissance Diet”, he’s coming out with a new diet book soon with updated info.