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Weak Squat Strong Quads

Its me again. Just figured out my quads are possibly quite stronger than my hams and theyre not my weakpoint. My squat is still pisspoor weak tho. Shit leverages? Yes. But that hasnt been an excuse for multiple world level lifters to squat insane weight. Any advice on this? Maybe someone has gone through this before.

Bad pelvic tilt and position. Poor posture, so you’re having trouble bracing properly. That makes it harder to use your glutes and hamstrings. So you use lots of back.

Loosen up your glutes and hips and figure out that posture!


Follow a proven program that’s suitable for your goals and that you can fit into your life. Work on building good movement patterns for your barbell lifts, which doesn’t necessarily mean moving in a way that lets you move the most weight you can today. Work on your bracing. Choose sensible assistance work. Eat well, recover well and train hard. You, like all other trainees wishing to build strength, should do the things that really strong people do to become really strong.

Just because you’ve got a big pull with unconventional form doesn’t mean you need some kind of secret sauce. I believe the fundamentals of strength training will serve you well.


Probably your technique needs work and your quads aren’t as strong as you think they are. If you haven’t been lifting for very long then don’t look for weak points, make everything strong and learn proper technique. The squat is arguably the most technical lift of the three, you can have big quads and a weak squat if your technique sucks but you aren’t carrying a lot of muscle for your height either and that will make a big difference.

The specifics will depend on your program, but basically you want to do a little bit of heavy work that will challenge your technique and mostly low rep submaximal sets to ingrain proper technique. Cluster sets with short breaks can work for that and will give you some hypertrophy as well. Some high rep stuff is good to add mass but if your technique isn’t solid then leg press, hack squats, Bulgarian split squats, or even smith machine squats are a good way to get some volume in. Hatfield squats are good too if you can use a safety squat bar.


I always feel my hamstrings stretching a lot in the squat in both the eccentric and concentric,idk what that means but im not sure using the hams is the problem i have. Same thing with glutes. I always thought i dont have pelvic tilt but it would explain a lot of things,ill check it more thoroughly. What you say makes sense so you might be right.

Do you recommand doing both of those in the same day like working to a top set and then doing back offs? Or split them across days and do one day just work up to a heavy set and then some other day do a lot of submaximal sets?

Pelvic tilts

More on bracing during squat

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Ill just post a video of my squat form. I dont think i ever have on this website. It may help people see whats wrong better.

I didnt realize it was a gif so sat for like 2 minutes thinking “how is this guy doing 20 reps of 315”



Well there’s the problem u see that the knees shift back at the bottom that’s a sign of weak quads. its moving the load back to the hamstring and back wich are stronger than your quads from what it seems . If the squads were as strong as u say they would stay in the same place up until half way .

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Idk. My front squat is 90% of my back squat tho.

Check out the way the barbell moves. Its twisting on you. Watch the left side of the bar drift forward and the bar twist as you come up. Look at that hip-shimmy as you hit the hole and reverse to come up.

You’ve got some kind of hip restriction or impingment going on. Like all my bros! You can’t lift properly with that hip joint moving all weird. Every move where you bend over or squat down is impacted. Figure out how to get that hip loose!


I think using a lower bar position would fix some of your problem. The high bar position combined with your torso angle places the weight too far over your toes. You can even see your heels slightly coming off the ground when you’re at the bottom of your squat. The lift is going to be more difficult if the weight doesn’t stay over mid foot during the lift

Other than that it looks like you need to add more mass to your legs in general.


Ye my hips always been the most fked up tightened part of my body. Idk its always been like this i just assumed it my body. If i have to squat too much in a workout or bend down a lot it starts hurting especially when i try to hinge.

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Lol that is low bar. Idk if i can go lower.

Ok but if in your fronsquat u are also shifting like that u really aren’t working the quads as much either look at this

JTS guys alway mention this.

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Alright man, now we’re on to something!

That tight sore hip could be the cause of all your troubles. If it’s tight enough and sore enough you will move your body “around” your hip instead of moving “through” that joint.

Everyone squats differently, but look how far in front your knees are and how far back your butt is. If your hip was working you could drop down straighter. In my opinion your back-deadlift situation and your thigh contact on cleans are all related to this.


*my hips: and i wouldve gotten away with it if it wasnt for you meddling kids.

For serious tho i think the same. When i try to straighten my back on deadlifts too much my hips start immeditely getting sore-ish/hurting.

Everytime ive tried to stretch my hip flexors, they just started hurting more and then the next days they would get even tighter so idk what to do really.