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Weak? Slow? Both?

I am confidently grinding trying to reach a goal of 1.5 bw P.O (~275)

i am trying to stay back on heels as long as possible… can you guys look and tell me if its weakness in spots or not explosive enough… 225 has been a real barrier pain in the butt…

been working to hit a 405 BS soon
i can rack ~405 front but squat max’d at 275, consistent ~240, 225 in reps
working on my grip with SN RDL fatgrpz, farmer walk 100lb DB’s, and clean pull ~250 raw

i have cleaned full 225 once before its in an older thread ill post if i get some help!!
i notice on some clean pulls my hips rise up quickly, whats the reason??

thank you so much!

i have the same mental barrier with 100kg. Try to be more agressive with elbows and i would say you are pulling the bar high enough. strength is not an issue. just pull yourself underneath the bar. Its a mental issue for you. Try cleaning of the blocks and hang too

Seems as though your weight is on your toes for the entire lift, causing you to leave the bar out front. Notice on the first good lift you are jumping forward a few inches to make the catch.

Make sure that your second pull is pulling the bar back into your hips and not too vertically. You’re pulling the bar way too much with your arms and it’s getting much higher than is necessary. If you watch a successful Olympic lifter, the bar barely travels higher than his hips.

You need to drop under the bar into a full squat instead of using your arms to row the bar toward your shoulders. As soon as the bar hits off your hips, drop down and shoot your elbows through as forcefully as possible.

this is perfect as i have tried pulling back but my feet either stay in place or forward… ive seen quite few lifters fall back a few inches…

i will power clean off box and well just have more reps at close to 225 to get break that mental barrier! i also added some back accessory exercises to hold the bar more strongly during leg drive

i had adrenaline some… but i train alone and hard to sometimes keep banging my head against 225 lmao but at least now it doesnt feel heavy, just not in a position to catch 225+

i will continue to hammer away at my plan, and will just post here maybe start a log!

Check this video out and notice how high the bar goes above his hips once he reaches triple extension; it’s only about 6 inches and he catches the bar exactly where his hips are in triple extension. Your pull looks pretty good, you’re just not dropping under the bar.

Your pulling a few split seconds before your hips fully extend. Remember, once your elbow’s bend, your power is gone. Also, your lift looks a little slow esp your hips. Add in some heavy barbell hip extensions to your split. Add band variations and plyo’s for speed.