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Weak Side

I know its normal to have a weak side, but my left side is way behind my right(upper body). Any pointers on matching things up?

Use dumbells and unilateral exercises. Do more reps on the weak side than the strong side. Work the weak side first.

switch to DB, start w/ weak side first, then strong side, keep reps the same. Example…DB curls weak arm fails at 8 reps, stop strong arm at 8. Stick to it push weak side hard and things will even out. Really make sure your form is the same.

Also, I’ve noticed for myself, I always would rack/unrack weight w/ the same arm which led to a stronger side over the years, so I changed it up and strengh leveled.

Read Mike Mahler’s Weakest Link article; it’s the answer to your exact question.


I have a different weak side problem. My right bi is considerably larger than my left but my left seems to be stronger and have more stamina.

How do i fix that? I am sowing my left sleeve a little snugger…JK.