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Weak Shoulders

hey all. I have a friend who has weak shoulders(front delts) but very strong triceps. He has no lockout trouble at all, but he is pretty weak off the chest. He has gotten stronger in bradford presses (105 for 3x5). But he still has much stronger triceps than his shoulders. What would you guys suggest to bring his shoulders up to par as fast as possible? Thanks in advance!

Very wide-grip bench presses have helped me. He might also try shoulder presses and front raises.

so would you say it’s just a matter of doing the usual presses and raises until they catch up to his triceps?

More or less. It would help if we knew precisely what he was doing, but generally just focus assistance work on the chest/shoulder musculature. If he’s doing any lockout-specific work, then I would have him drop that, at least for the moment. In either case, I might have him do something like:

-bench press whateverxwhatever
-dumbbell bench
OR wide-grip bench 3-4x5-8
-front raise 3x8-12

Isometric or pause bench might help, too.

Start doing overhead squats…you improve you squat motion and increase shoulder health and strength…

Plate raises