Weak shoulders = Weak bench

Im wondering if my shoulders is weak cause my sticking point in the bench is at the bottom/ in the middle of the lift. My bench 10rm is like 100lbs , but my 10rm in behind neck presses is only 55lbs. Does this mean i have weak shoulders?

First off, a 10rm will do little to determine strength of a muscle group. I would suggest reading the article “Acheving Structural Balance” by Chucky P here on T-mag, issue 52. If you have any questions , let us know

If the bottom is where you have trouble, try lifting from pins. Get into a squat rack and place the bar and inch or so above your chest. This should help get you through your sticking points.

I have weak shoulders and it does affect my bench most definately. My chest is actually of decent visual size now but limited because of my shoulders. I plan on increasing the size and strength of them for the next two months before I focus on really upping my bench. This should provide me with more structural integrity in the bench and there by upping it without even working on it a whole lot. This is especially true when doing inclines. This is my body type though. I can’t say this will be the same for everyone since I am not a strength coach.

Sounds like your a newbie…read some of Dave Tates bench articles, they should help you alot. Basically, if your getting stapled right at the bottom, its probably a combination of poor form, weak lats, and no speed. If your getting stuck a few inches off your chest then its gonna be more your tris.

what are you doing to change this? When you mention the weight you use, is that a recent load, or is this a load you have been using for a long time? If so, why would your body adapt?

Alex did you a great favor pushing you in the ‘knowing’ arms of good old charlie p. Now, when you are done with that article go to the provious issues section and read all articles that catch your attention.
Good luck.

I get stuck maybe a inch or two off my chest.

behind the neck press is a bit of a nasty movement, alot of peoeple dont have the structural strength to perform this movement well. could even have an impingment.
other wise if you feel this movement is OK for you, Try benching of the pins of a rack or isometics at your weak spot, either by holing the bar for a couple of seconds with a sub max load or pressing up on the bottom of the pins on a rack (basically just doing bottom partials).

Where do you get the idead that behind the neck presses are a nasty movement? They are great, actually. Do many of them. Shoulders get big.

tiree BTN press was debated through this forum a great deal in the past in these forums…