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Weak Right Knee or Injury


Been visiting this website for over half a decade now but never actually bothered posting anything until now. I know it’s best to seek professional help but for the time being I can’t and I just wanted to get some opinion from people on this board.

I have an “injury” on my right knee that’s not going away. I don’t have a previous injury on my knee and I don’t even know how this one happened. I did a lot of high pulls (snatch grip, clean grip) and remember trying to pull myself under the bar and then one day I just couldn’t even get into the squat position anymore. It feels like something was pulling on my right knee when I squatted and this would make me shift my weight to the left side.

I realized my hamstrings were really really tight so I spent a long time stretching, foam rolling, taking time off. I also had hip flexor problems which I also foam rolled a lot on but fast forward several months, it still does not get better. I tried doing single leg work (lunges, split squats on box/benches), and there’s still pain in the knee that cause me to shift weight to the left. I found out also that when I do body weight pistol squats, my right knee can’t really support my weight and I plunge to the bottom position immediately where I would slowly descend using my good left knee.

I know this is not a lot of information to go on, but I basically have no idea what’s wrong with it.