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Weak Points


I always like hearing about other people's experiences, it's kind of like extra motivation for me. Anyhow, it's easy to see what is good about your own physique and only train body parts you enjoy training but it is much harder to find the flaws and to fix them. So I want to hear about problems you've had the guts to address and fix, whether it's a lagging body part or an injury, let's get some of the stories out.


I'm still searching for a way to build larger quads without developing the glutes. With god as my witness, I put off training lower body training for 3 weeks so to return my entire lower body to proportion with upper. Then after my first leg workout I can hit around 95% off mt PR and my upper legs will have grown 2 inches (but so will my glutes).

I intend to repeat this "protocol" until I find the answer...ish or as close as I'm happy with. Currently I've tried 3 different routines, one based on front squats the other trap deadlifts and the final leg presses.

My next option is pre-fatigue...let's see if I can crack the code this time....


Have you tried sissy squats? It might not be a bad ass exercise but it hits the quads pretty hard as the body mechanics are a bit different from a regular squat. It might not be the final solution but it may help. I'm not the most experienced lifter so maybe someone smarter than me will be able to help more.


I had the same though tbh, I intend to include them in my pre-fatigue routine as the intensity of the exercise is relatively low. I know that Frank Zane has a protocol which is on sale, a device which allows for a weighted form of sissy squats. Looks good so its another consideration for the future.


Frontsquat in the smith


Dam! Literally had the same thought today, and attempted these. What a humbling exercise, my legs literally shaking. My max front squat bb is 240 for 3. I put 1 plate per side on smith and 3 sets of 8 felt like 300lbs! A definite possibility these maybe the answer to problem. (3 sets was all I could manage had to move on to something less taxing - biceps) I'm sure ill get better as these but for the moment what a killer exercise.


Hack Machine?


Tbh I have access to a Hack machine at my gym but have never really considered it as I saw it as a machine squat. The squat being my enemy. I.e am relatively good not great admittedly but at it 330x3 at 170ish I always felt my leg development never fairly portrayed what I could perform. Hence I shifted to a more technical approach.

Would I be correct that it would have the same affect as smith front squat? The fixed plane of movement emphasising the quads?

Its strange as legs seem to be a muscle which can look vastly superior at 25inches than 27.


The machine hack squat usually works great for the quads... Though some machines are no good.

Try both the traditional variant and turning around and facing the machine (if possible).

Also, you can do weighted sissy squats in most hack machines. Just watch your knees.


Excellent, I remember Thibs mentioning them in his an old quad article so I have an idea how to perform it.

I always hated NOT training legs, felt like my routine overall suffered. But with this new list of exercises I guess I have no excuse now. Ill look to implement the reverse Hack Squat as its certainly possible on the apparatus I have available.

Cheers guys, really I've been looking for a solution for near a year and this very well seems it could be beneficial.


Have you tried doing leg press, but concentrating on activating the quads instead of moving the weight? These are two completely different exercises. Think about only one thing - extending your legs. After a while, you'll be able to mentally move the weight with whichever muscle you select (or use them all as a whole).


I intend to implement a quad specific routine, using the leg press with low foot placement and a narrow stance.
From the above answers given and recent research, I've opted for the below:

A. Smith machine front squat: Ramp sets of 5
B. Close stance hack machine: 4 x 6-10
C. Sissy squat in hack machine: 3 x 8-10
D1. Leg press w/ low foot placement: 3 x 8-10
D2. Leg Extention

(Ill save hamstrings for another day)
Not my intention to turn this into a critique my routine thread, just though I'd show how ill implement the much appreciated advice given.


I was (sadly) mistaken about arm training a couple years back. I "thought" that doing weighted pull-ups and weighted dips, would be enough stimulation to make them grow. Nada. Stayed at 17" for several years. Also developed different shoulder and elbow imbalances, possibly related.

This past year I have been more dedicated to direct arm training, sometimes twice a week. Now my arms are measuring just 18.5". Good pump and it's near 19".

Moral of the story - do direct arm training. Curls, pushdowns, extensions ... do it.