Weak Points, OK Points?

Hi guys,
Would appreciate some feedback on what are my weak points and ok points for upper body. I know my posing sucks but not looking for feedback on that :smiley:

I would focus on just getting bigger for now. Arms will probably lag, so you could do extra there.

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Your torso looks great. Your arms could use some size. I know you explicitly mentioned upper body, but it’s not just aesthetics that cause people to ask about that - a lagging lower body can contribute to a lagging upper body.

That being said, maybe you have jacked legs and just aren’t worried about them, so in that case, just give more focus to your arms.

…and maybe, you’re not looking for advice at all, in which case, you’re doing great and look great, and keep at it.

Either way, good job and good luck.


*Fantastic job!
I don’t see any weak points.

*if your lower body development is equal :wink:


Chest, back and abs looking great! Really solid base!

I would focus on legs lolz, shoulders (especially posterior and lateral delts) and arms

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Thanks. Yeah, I’m not doing anything directly for arms at the moment, so good advice to add something

Thanks a lot. Yeah I think I’ll add in some direct arm work. Have just been relying on indirect work from pushing and pulling.

Legs are severely lacking at the moment, mainly because I don’t have a squat rack and I only have 60kg to throw on a bar. Relying on bulgarian split squats, RDLs and recently tried zercher squats… Will keep at it though

Thanks! Unfortunately lower body is lacking, but I’m working on it!

Thanks, that’s good advice. Never have been able to get the rear/middle delts popping. Will add more volume on the rear delt flys and lateral raises; direct arm work too

More upper chest, less lower chest.

More rear delts. Make them the first thing you do. (Like most people, I bet you do them last, almost as an afterthought.)

Some trap work.

Pick up your room.


Your upper body symmetry looks nice. Do your back double biceps with your elbows higher with your wrists slightly behind your elbows; and your delts and biceps will pop more.

If you’re not doing power cleans, adding them should add a more powerful look to your physique. IMO, a powerful look in the delts and traps is the most masculine look.

Add more muscle everywhere.

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Thanks, appreciate the advice. Will definitely add more volume for rear delts and start working upper traps.

Do you have any tips for how to target upper chest without an incline bench or cable machines? I’m thinking of doing my weighted pushups on a decline and maybe landmine presses?

Thanks. I think power cleans may flare up some pre-existing injuries but I will focus more on delts and traps and overall mass

If you cannot do power cleans, do heavy upright rows. You have got to be moving heavy weights for your delts and traps. Then presses and upright rows. And they must be progressive. Consider Wendlers 5-3-1 (it is an example of progressive).

Decline guillotines (assuming you can do them safely of course).

Some people get great upper-pec stimulation from reverse grip flat bench (I’m not one of them, however).

If you can’t figure out a good way to train your upper chest, cut back a little on whatever you’re doing for the rest of it, so you don’t worsen the proportions.

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