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Weak Point Training on Cycle


wondering what the thoughts are on this- if you have a weak point, for me it would be shoulder width and my wheels ( major rugby re-injury to my knee ) due to no squats for a while...if you hammered these areas a bit more than anything else, do you think that you could get them on par with everything else, or at least markedly better , by cycles end? of course you'd be looking to get these gains to stick around and in the process, make a better physique.



Maybe, but on the other hand, if there was a major re-injury and you have been prevented from squatting for some time, going right into squatting very seriously on-cycle might be looking for further trouble.

I would rather be confident, based on some significant amount of pre-cycle training that went fine, that I would be able to handle the serious work on-cycle.

A particular psychological danger – which I’ve fallen into, though fortunately not with too-horrible consequences – is that due to being on-cycle and feeling “This has to be done NOW” judgment as to when to back off, that the program cannot be followed because of nagging problems getting worse and getting right on the edge of substantial injury, gets impaired. Nope, gotta bull through. There can be much more tendency to this on-cycle than off.

So it would be best to have undergone, not a trial by fire, but a trial of some serious and successful squat training beforehand so as to be more sure it can be done on-cycle.


thanks very much for the input! ive been doing some breaking work on the legs…mostly leg presses and the like- im not go right in a try for 500,lol…no, this will be just to gain size back in the area, so ill mostly be doing some hi rep leg presses, stiff legged dl’s which i never stopped doing, and extension…its mostly a quad issue,

shoulders i have always trained well and heavy- just a slow responding area for me- im natually wide clavical wise, and thick- just need some more on the ole medial delts…which will come =-)

thanks again bill!


Hope you have good results with it!

Btw, I’d misunderstood: I’d thought you were intending to do squats in this leg-intensive program, having attributed poor results lately to no squats due to the injury, but in fact that conclusion doesn’t follow. Absolutely, doing things you know you can do should work well.


as a follow up for anyone really- assuming PCT was in order and decent gains made during the 8-10 weeks, is it safe to say that post cycle improvements to the lagging areas could be more or less kept when all is said and done? again this is assuming all things are in order…and if it makes any difference i train mostly in the 3-5 rep range for basic movements with 2x8 back off and a lot of assistance work with higher reps and drop sets…