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Weak Point Assesment

Looking for opinions on what my weak points are.
A few things I have to say before you comment.
I know my abs are not great. I just finished a bulk and I am about to cut down. PLEASE DO NOT SAY ABS. I realise this already and it is a result of my bodyfat.
Let’s not talk training. That seems to be a recipe for disaster and I just don’t want that one toxic guy to start and argument about what training style person A does.
Thank you for your time, I eagerly await your opinions.

Punctuation seems good, no big grammatical errors, I say keep up the good work.


Sorry. Trying to add pics.
New here and can’t quite figure it out :joy:

If you’re in mobile, when you hit reply look at the bottom right and you’ll see a little arrow symbol. Click that.

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Got it!
Thanks man :joy:

I’m fat and weak but I’m gonna go with chest and abs for $200. Final answer.

I agree 100% with chest.
Abs show well when I’m cut tho, so I’ll leave that for a later post when I’m cut and they can actually be seen :joy:
I kinda figured chest and quads tho.

I started to say quads but I think it’s the same as the abs, just not lean enough to see the definition. They appear to be favorable to your upper body, I wouldn’t say you’ve skipped leg day.

To me your chest Is shaped good it just needs more mass on it. The rest of your upper body overpowers your tits

Regardless, you should be proud. Lots of work went into that

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I am so glad you said that man.
Thank you!

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No problem dude! You should start a training journal here.

Lol. Nah.
I used to have an account here, but got fed up with the overwhelming toxicity.
I made a criticism of a training system that is apparently commonplace and quickly became the top post due to all of the hate I got.
I REALLY wanna avoid that kind of thing :joy:

Well don’t make fun of any training systems lol. Just post what you do and keep us updated

Thats how it started.
I had a guy come up and say something like “Why not do insert program that will not be named. It is amazing.”
I said I don’t want to. Several people asked why I don’t. I ended up needing to say something, so I said it had a problem with not having enough volume, and almost no arm work. Then WWIII started with everybody as the allies and I was the sole axis.

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