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Weak Pecs, Strong Lats, Possible injuries?


i.e. if my pectorals are weaker than a little girl's and not getting much stronger any soon, my delts are not very strong (but getting stronger)(I can do a strict front raise with 33 lb), and I keep doing tons of weighted chin-ups? (my back is also relatively strong in the horizontal plane, not only the vertical)

No, not trolling. Just curious what happens when/if you have very weak pecs but a strong back.
Flame as much as you want, but please also answer what can happen (increased risk of what injuries, decreased strength in back due to weak antagonists etc.)


Stop over-analyzing. Start training chest harder/smarter.

You're asking all the wrong questions.


What happens? You have good posture.




Ha ha... Yeah, I do have good posture.


I'll just go on high rep, high volume, low weight routine, and hope that after adding some (4-5 lb) mass on my pressing muscles my pressing will be painless.
i.e. doing lots of dips with a bit of weight hanging on (50-80/session), and looking into 1A incline DB presses.

(asked because I decided to do a shit-load of weighted chins in order to add some meat on my back and bis, and BP gives me supraspinatus pain... eh, at least it doesn't feel like my shoulders are going to shear and I don't get pain that makes me whimper, like I did before...)

/thread, and thanks.


Let's see vids of you benching then, by all means. It's 2012, please don't try this "I don't have a camera" shit we hear so often.


I'll post some next week. Which would be the best angle(s)?


Generally side/front angle, aka diagonal, is where you can see the most going on.


Arching any more would imply too much low back extension for my liking.
Medium grip.
62 kg / 136 lb


You need to set up way closer to the rack, lifting it out like that will be hell with heavier weights.

Other than that it looks ok. Did that hurt? If so, does db pressing hurt? Eat more and get stronger.


Didn't hurt, but there was a bit of crackling in the left shoulder; I wasn't tight enough.


I don't understand what you are trying to get out of this. You have a shit bench. If you:

-Are injured, see a doctor.
-Are not injured, eat some damn food and bench.
-Don't care, try other exercises.


If my bench form is good.


How often are you hitting your chest? When i have a lagging body part I hit them multiple times a week to bring them up. For instance, on tuesdays I hit chest. When I do shoulders on thursday I will finish up with incline dumbells for 4 sets and 3-4 sets of flys. 2-3 days later I will do the same with flat bench or decline and flys. It makes a huge difference over time. Also do some machine flys or dumbell flys before you bench and preexhaust the muscle, make sure that your chest is pumped after you finish your chest workout or you arent hitting it properly, and eat like a mofo. My chest has always been my weakspot and by doing these things it has brought it up for me.


i feel like you are doing way way too much thinking for a 1 plate bench.

the form looked reasonable, now try adding weight or reps. just watching that looked like you're extremely self conscious thinking "please be right please be right" the whole time, to the point that you forgot to just push as hard as you can. and that's really all it should take to progress at this point...


DB pressing feels no better than BB pressing; might feel worse.


To aim for for chest I would personally flare the elbows a bit more and when lowering the bar have it touch the chest just above the nipple area, you should feel a stretch in your chest at the bottom.

As thogue said, I would focus on explosiveness out of the hole when the chest is stretched.


How much are you warming up? See if a few sets of 15 with the bar, 10 reps with 40 kg and 5 reps with 50 kg before this helps.

You could also try a closer grip and see if it feels better. Your number one priority should be finding an exercise you can progress on.


x2 this is critical not only physically but mentally as well