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Weak One Day, Normal The Next


This is becoming an annoying trend for me lately. I go to the gym at my normal time one day ready to go all out, and as I start everything feels heavy and weights I did for multiple sets of 4 all of a sudden I can barely do for 2. At that point I usually get annoyed and leave. Next day, I come back and try the same workout, feel great and I either match what I previously accomplished the week before or I occasionally beat it.

I have been playing a lot of tennis lately, does this just mean I need to eat a lot more?

Anyone have a problem like this?


Probably bad programming, lack of food, lack of sleep, too much cardio, or all of the above.


You say lately - have you been burnt out recently? Lots of shit going on, lack of sleem (like H4M said)? I don't wanna overuse the term overtraining but I've seen beans recommend just taking a day or two off and eating a shitload - maybe you just need to rest and you're overworked? (this is all off the assumption you were fine until recently)

Also, I think its awesome Firefox's spellchecker found no issue with "shitload."