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Weak Off The Floor

What other movements can I add to help my deadlifts? Getting the bigger lifts moving is the problem. Once I crack the plates a couple of inches off the floor I own that pull. Getting it moving is my weak spot. I lift sumo.

Point you toes out will technically help you moving the weight in the first part of the movement. Push belley against the weight belt.

Stiff-legged deadlift from the floor
On box stiff-legged deadlift

Here is a combinaison I used some time ago with great results:

Week 1-2 Snatch grip deadlift 5*5 with constant weight with 8RM

Week 3-4 Clean grip deadlift up to 5RM then 3RM

week 5-6 Snatch grip deadlift 3*3 with 5RM

week 7-8 Sumo style deadlift up to 3RM then 1RM

Will do wonder for relative strength
my deads came from 445 to 555 with this program, you will have to endure the pain but it work big time!

Keep fighting

Try some standing good mornings for a few weeks. Sumo is always slower from the floor. Advantage is a shorter stroke, but less involvement from the legs, better leverage, but not always better recruitment. Goodmornings will develop the posterior chain and should help with initial shot off the floor.


Pull off a block or elevated platform

Stay strong

[quote]Mike Robertson wrote:
Pull off a block or elevated platform

Stay strong

I second this.

Also if you don’t incorporate glute ham raises, now is the time.

I like pulling off the blocks, you can try loading the bar up with smaller plates to, this will bring the bar closer to the floor. Like the others have said, GHR’s would be a good supplementary exercise.

Thanks guys. My ass and hams are gonna hate me for the next couple of months.

Utilize isometric contractions. To learn how read CT?s article below:


Make sure your positioning is correct. When you pull, does any part of your body move before the bar does. If so… You’re not in the right place. With the elevated/box squats… Don’t put the bar on a box or anything, put yourself on it. If you start off pulling lower than normal it should make it much easier when you move back to a higher platform.

Ok a very simple method that you dont even need equipment for (except of course the barbell and weights).

Do 1 set of 85%1RM 3 reps, then move onto 95%1RM 1 rep, 80%1M 5 reps.

rest 3 minutes between each set and try to fully relax between each set and rep.

once you are at ths point lod the bar with 105-110%1RM and budge ityou dont even need to lift if from the floor. this for of ACE training will work wonders just try and pull for 3-5 seconds. unload the bar to 85-90%1RM (depending on how fried you are after the budge) and do 3 sets of 1 rep.

You can do this daily but I find that budging three (3) times a week works better.

This will help you own the lift and can be incoporated into every cycle. You can even use it with the bench press but make sure that you do so in a squat rack.

Another tip is to try to really strengthen you abdominals by practising power breathing and instead of doing deadlifts add a small 3 week cycle of suitcase style deadlifts along with some low volume kettlebell/dumbbell snatches.

Thats all I can think of right now so I hope you beat your next PR.