Weak Muscles on TRT

I’ve noticed, while on trt i’ve Been struggling to work out. Before lockdown, at the gym, I wouldn’t be able to lift as much as I did beforehand trt.
Start gym pre trt: 8kg bicep curls 8 reps 4 sets.
After a couple of months: 12kg 8 reps 4 sets.
Started trt: 5kg but can’t do all sets.
Even with 5kg I ripped my muscle, and recovery has been very long up to a week.
I’ve been having trouble with high estradiol which may be an issue. Which causes me brain fog so I apologise if this is not so coherent.
Has anyone’s else experienced this or have an I’d eat to what what may be? I’d appreciate advice.

What does your training programming look like?

I don’t think you should look at bicep curls alone to gauge your strength.