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Weak Lower Back


I feel like my lower back is weak. During squats I practically had to do a good morning to complete my squats on my last two reps on a set of 5. Another thing is my lower back was getting really tired while I was jogging (I'm cutting down for wrestling). I'm doing some hyper extensions but I feel like it isn't doing much for me since I can do sets of 15 with 45 pounds. My lower back is fine during deadlifts. Now is there something that someone can recommend or should I not worry about this yet since I can't even squat that much? Haha.


Could be that your back taking over because your legs are weak. And your back getting tired while jogging could be any number of things. Of course, a vid will make it a lot easier to tell. Could very well be because your form sucks. That's the one I'm leaning towards.


either weak legs or shitty form

post a video


Maybe you're not getting your whole body tight enough when you're squatting, hence the caving of your form.


It could be that I just cave in like you said. My form is actually pretty decent. Like a 8/10. A watch a good amount of videos and stuff. And yeah I've applied them to my form. Legs being weak is also a good theory. At the moment I only squat 275 1rm and deadlift 365 also my 1rm.


I've heard that 'My form is actually pretty decent' quite a few times. I suggest reassessing and then reassessing again just to be sure. It couldn't hurt anyway. You'll really need a training partner/group, cam, and/or highly developed kinesthetic awareness to be able to evaluate your form with any objectivity.


Will not believe it till I see it.


take a video. most people are surprised to see that what they think they are doing and what they are doing can be fairly different. or not. but if the latter at least then you know.


This may have soemthing to do with it as well.

Consider dropping volume on the big lifts, or start 5-3-1 or something more moderate to maintain and just focus on your sport for now.


GMing all squats could be a multitude of issues (technique, weak lower back, upper back, core, hips, etc). Get a vid mofo.


Hmmmm, my first thought is tight hip flexors and weak/inhibited glutes. Here's the thought process: lower back tired while jogging is due to anterior pelvic tilt from tight hip flexors forcing you to use your lower back to keep your torso upright, which gives your lower back a lot of work making it stronger (explaining some why you are strong on hypers), lower back is fine during deadlifts because it isn't hyperextended, squats ending in good mornings could be a lot of things, but it's likely that out of the hole you shoot your butt back and the knees come in because your glutes are weak so you are shifting weight to what is stronger (hams and low back). Of course that is all conjecture without seeing vids of you squatting and deadlifting.


But if what I said is true the fix isn't that hard: stretch hip flexors and activate and strengthen the glutes and everything will get better including running/jogging.