Weak Lower Back

[quote]marlboroman wrote:
oly squat

powerlifting squat

those would be my interpretations of each style . high-bar narrow stance is more difficult for me compared to wide-stance low-bar .

but I would go with what Hanley and others said about focusing on ab and technique training. even though you train your abs already , they may still be weaker than your back…which would make sense considering your DL . if your back is strong enough to DL it , your back should be strong enough to squat it.

I absolutely hate squatting that way, I pull my groin and get intense DOMS in that area lasting over a week when I used to squat that way. I also use less weight that way which is why I orriginally started squatting oly style.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:

Myabe I should drop the smith squats as my quad assistance and start doing beltless front squats.

decisions decisions.[/quote]

That one is a no-brainer mate!