Weak Legs and No Growth

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I hope to learn a lot. I’ve been off and on lifting since HS. Never too serious about it until now. I’m 45 and have been serious about it for 6 months. I’m currently on a 4 day split.
I’m having trouble with my squat strength and building bigger quads. I have been working on technique to help with strength but I’m still stuck at 90 lbs! I can bench 115 easily but can’t squat that much.
Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Post a video of your squat. Perhaps your technique is off.

What are your goals?

I will try to get someone to video me next time at the gym. I watch videos on technique and practice on light days.
I want to gain lean muscle and possibly compete in a physique competition…but muscle gain seems very slow and I’m getting frustrated.
I eat 2200 cal quality food a day. About 145 G protein. I’m 5’7" and 133 lbs.