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Weak, Lagging Bodyparts

I usally do excercises for biceps sometimes shoulders but recently I added 5/3/1 spit for only shoulders and combine it using WSFSB. basically I do a max effort excercise then for rep uppper body day i would do 5/3/1 shoulder press. Altough the point of upper body day is to build mass I just subsitute the shoulder press for medical delts in defrancos template. It depends on what my max effort excercise was. For example today I did max effort pullups so I subsituted vertical pulling for DB bench press to keep balance in my template.

Then for rep effort like I said before I do 5/3/1 for main excercise and sub for medical delts. This is where my question comes in. I usally do DB bench after 5/3/1 shoulder press. You think I should do shoulder press instead of DB bench to help with more hypoplasmic hypertrophy gains in the shoulders since i still do DB bench on max effort day? Or maybe 2 sets of shoulder press and 2 sets of DB bench? And yes getting bigger is my goal too.