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Weak Knees

hey, im new at T-Mag and i learned about it through my friend, jreed212.
Anyway, down to what my question is. I was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me what are some ways to strengthen my knees. Recently my knees have been giving me problems…well more problems than in the past, and im started to get worried that it will get worse. I told my doctor, but she seems to be retarded or something and claims there is nothing wrong with my knees. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me some exercises to throw in my routine that will help my knees get stronger. Some exercises i do, just to give you an idea of what im already doing, are squats, leg curls (i know that has nothing to do with knees, im just stating…), i dont do leg extensions anymore because i heard they are actually bad for your knees. Can someone PLEASE help me? Thank You

Well I would say stick with the full ROM movements like sqauts and such. Go for GREAT form, full ROM. Maybe throw in some lunges even body weight. Just to strengthen the joint tendons and such.

I would also suggest just something as simple as walking. Low impact stuff like that.

Hopefully someone with a litte more experience in such issues will chime in for you, but maybe this will give you a starting point.


what exactly is the problem with your knees?
Pain? you said ‘weak knees’ but that is not a medical condition and the knee is a joint, not a muscle.
Can you explain?

yes, i know that the knee is not a muscle, but there still must be a way to strengthen them. The problem is just random pains…the only reason i said “weak knees” is because what else would explain it? hah…

Take some gelatine twice a day for the rest of your life. It helps w/ your joints ( not those kind ) also helps you keep healthy hair & nails.

Learn how to do “Hindu Squats”! They help build the supporting muscles & tendons & ligaments which give support to the knees themselves. Also, when doing your leg exercises, try wrapping your knees. It will give them some support. But not all the time. You don’t want the wraps to become your knees. Make sure when u wrap it’s from outside to inside! (very important) Also, try icing your knees after performing your lower body exercises. Make sure during your lifetime you never go under the knife! Once you do, your knees will never be the same!

‘random pains’ is not very specific. Where in or around the knee do you feel the pains. What motion are you doing when you get the pain? how flexed is the knee? are you bending or unbending when it occurs?

It is also not clear that making the knees stronger (actually the muscles around the knees and those that bend or unbend them) will affect the pain.
What if your pain is from torn cartilage?

can you be more descriptive?