Weak Knees and Squats?

Today I was moving a 31" tv (CRT) with a total of 3 people (including me) going downstairs into a basement and I felt one of my knee was about to give… (about to buckle) but it didn’t. I just felt pain. thankfully there was no pain afterward and my rom was ok.

Also usually at home when I am or am not weight training, moving my knees to rom will cause pop sounds. What does it mean. If I continue to do full range squat (which is what I am doing) help the issue or should I do some supplement exercise (like what?) to supplement it? I find articles on hip (small muscle such as abductor or adductor) but is there something like that for the knees? Thanks

Stand with one leg on a swiss ball balanced on a wobble board. Hold a pole in your hand and balance a dish on top of it. The ensuing balncing feat will strengthen up your stabilizer muscles. Or just doing pistols.

Do you have a picture of yourself in the bottom position of a full squat? My guess would be weak VMO/poor VMO recruitment.


therefore do bulgarian squats, pistols, stepups, reverse lunges, and go see an ART specialist asap.

go see a doc, and if he gives you the all clear then squatting, and farmers walks will help a lot, try some overhead squats for all round stability increases