Weak Immune System Due to Illnesses

I am a twenty year old college wrestler who’s season has been put on hold. In the past I have had mono, serious staph infection, and lymes disease. All these things took my body a while to get over. Recently I have been diagnosed with viral meningitis and herpes gladiatorum Both of which have been treated 5 weeks ago and have persisted with flu’s also attacking my system. I am wondering if a testosterone boosting supplement or any other supplement would help me get over these illnesses and strengthen my immune system.

I am 6 foot 3 and only weigh around 172 pounds after sitting for so long, I have very little body fat, I feel that I lack strength, and at this point I have very little stamina. I am in the middle of the wrestling season and am missing very important competitions, I eat very healthy and I take vitamin D, fish oil, a joint support vitamin (tumeric, glucosamine), and a multivitamin that has plenty of vitamin C in it. I need to get back on my feet and willing to do almost anything to get me health wise and athletically where i need to be. Thank you

do you have compromised immune system?
if doc says no
you are 6’3 172 what is your normal weight
sometimes over work not enough sleep not enough food ,stress can lead to getting sick easier
maybe taking a break to completely recover could be best

I agree about taking a break, especially with a past history of long bouts with illness. If your diet and vitamins are in check I wouldn’t worry about additional supplements. At 20 years old, a test booster isn’t going to do anything other than break your bank account, you have all the test naturally you could need or want. Unless the virus affects test levels? That would be something you would need to ask your doctor about.

The last 2 years when i was playing college football (4x training & 2x gym a week) i had these periods where i would get colds, flu’s and tonsilitis to a point where it literally happened every other week. I tried all sorts of supplements + lots of antibiotic use but nothing sorted out really until the season ended, stopped all that running and got warmer as the summer came.

If your season is put on hold, just take it easy and rest. If you want to push it and try to get back asap, check beta- glucan, echinea and pelargonium sidoides. They’re all extracted from herbs/fungus and made significant difference for me.

Also get your thyroid levels checked as well.

Good Luck

It took me a long time to get over Lyme disease after not being properly diagnosed initially. I would recommend looking into the work of Stephen Buhner. He just released a new book called Healing Lyme 2nd edition, and wrote several other books for Lyme disease co infections, as well as one titled Herbal Antibiotics, and Herbal Anti Virals. His site is Buhner Healing Lyme dot com too, good info there.

The most important thing though, is whatever you are dealing with. It will take some time to get well, and you have to be more careful then someone healthier in pushing yourself. Eventually though startling low and slow with a new strength training program will help boost your testosterone again, as well as help dealing with de conditioning. Cardiovascular exercise is usually harder on the system returning from illness, as opposed to resistance training, so be extra cautious with that as well. The herbs really do help and are broad spectrum enough to cover viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, depending on the types you take. Buhner’s books discuss all of this including types of herbs, dosages, side effects, interactions, etc. Good luck, doesn’t sound like anything that will keep you out of the game too long.

fun fact: testosterone is immunosuppressive, so no, it won’t strengthen your immune system.

Very common for hard training athletes to get sick all the time. Sounds like you’ve had a pretty unlucky time of it yet with mono and Lyme Disease though! Sorry to hear about that