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Weak Horizontal to Vertical Pull Ratio


I’ve been getting back into training after 8 months off due to an injury and then falling out of the habit/laziness. My coach has been programming a lot of light, high rep pulling to get my back firing again and reinforce good scap retraction technique.

I’ve noticed that I’m stronger with lat pulldowns than I am at one-arm cable rows at the same reps. I’m doing lat pulldowns 3x15 @ 60 pounds, and one-arm cable rows at 3x15 @ 30 pounds. Anyone have any insight into why the percentage discrepancy is so high? Is it just because I’m so weak that a 30 pound gap is noticeable, or does this suggest something else? Thanks in advance for your input.


Some cable machines have double pulleys which can halve the weight. Otherwise it sounds like getting stronger will help to balance it out.

Tbh first thing I thought of was that you’re comparing using two hands to pull vs one hand lol.

Maybe on Lat Pulldown you use some more of your Bodyweight to assist?

Could be loads of things. Different machines. Different ROMs. Technique/strictness of technique etc.

Wouldn’t worry too much about it tho. Just get stronger

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can’t really compare strength on one machine to another in any kind of meaningful way. Lots of differences in things like torque, lever length, etc.

Just get stronger and don’t worry.

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