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Weak Hips: My New Plan of Attack


Squats have been giving me some problems. today could get 375 to right above parallel then just stops.

I think its time I come to grips with the fact that I have weak hips.

So for the next six weeks this will be my plan of attack to fix them

135 3x10 week 1
155 3x10 week 2
175 3x10 week 3
195 3x10 week 4
215 3x10 week 5
235 3x10 week 6.

I always pick a real light weight to start on any of my routeens if anyone is wondering why I am starting so light with 135.

Then will be followed by leg curls till I cry.

Then Leg presses. Hopefully this will be the kick in the ass my legs need to get back to how they were last year.

I will keep you all updated on my progress.

EDIT* Forgot to mention these would be added on another day then my regular squat day. Monday is back/Bi's wed is Legs Friday is chest shoulders tri's. Probably going to make this a saturday workout.

After some thinking im going to drop the leg curls and do stiff legged deadlifts.


These will be full squats btw.


Why not actually do exercises that'll work your posterior chain as well as other exercises to focus on your hips?

I don't understand dropping weight that low. Your 1RM will suffer.


I'm open for suggestions. What would you recommend.


I think the following would be better to add and/or switch to for awhile: Good Mornings, Pull Throughs, Glute/Ham Raises, Revers Hypers, Hypers, Yes/Nos (hip adduction/abduction machines)


+1 for that.

He's right. All of those sound good. I'd continue to squat heavy so your body doesn't have a problem doing heavy weight in the future.

Core work is something that if you aren't actively doing it, it may just help as well.

An easy exercise for hamstrings is to sit on a bench, put a 25 lbs plate (or whatever you can handle), set it face up, catch your heal on the lip and pull it towards you. This'll hit your hamstrings.


Thanks for the help both of you. I still plan on squatting heavy(I do legs on wednesday) this is going to be a saturday workout. I will do that hamstring exercise the good mornings and 1 or 2 others from the list ever saturday. Thanks again.


Play around with it and let us know if you think something is helping more than another exercise.

The more info, the better.