Weak Grip Strength Destroying My Gains

Hi there, does anyone know the best solid way to increase grip strength?
My Dumbell row just feels twice more powerful than my grip and I can never get a burn in the rhomboids.
Ive been pulling and hanging on things for over 2 years now.
Anyone think this will help of is it just a scam?


I use the exact same product and love it to death. You have 2 problems running concurrently and need to address them both.

  1. Your grip strength limits your ability to move weight

  2. Rather than work around it by using straps all the time, you need to bring it up to a respectable level.

When my grip strength was suffering I used a hybrid solution that allowed me to pull heavy weights and build my grip at the same time. I did the following:

  1. All high-rep upper-body pulling was done using the fat grips (pulldowns, rows, pullups, etc.)

  2. All high-rep deadlifting was done double-overhand with no straps

  3. All max-effort upper body pulling was done with straps

  4. All max-effort deadlifting was done mixed-grip.

For example, my “pull” and “deadlift” days looked like this:

    Pullup: Ramp to a 3RM with straps
    followed by
    Pullup: 5xMax with fat grips

    Deadlift: Ramp to a 3RM with mixed-grip
    Deadlift: 5x10 double-overhand

This way, your grip doesn’t limit you on max-effort lifts and you use the “back-off” sets to work on grip and hypertrophy…