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Weak Elbows

I have a question that I hope somebody can help me out with. My arm more like my elbow gives out on me when I try to attempt to do any type of pressing with DB and BB also when I Curl. When I first started lifting I had a trainer and he thought it was kind of odd that my arm would just give out by my elbow even at low weights. This is very frustrating to me and I know that I could do lower weights with higher reps but I would like to add some mass and strength by using higher weights.

I was wondering if anybody might know why my elbows give out and also if using elbow straps would help support my elbows while using the higher weights. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Your a beginner they are giving out do to them being weak. Give it time it is the weak link in the chain. attack it keep doing the loads you can do on the presses and pulls.

Hit the Bis and Tris. Get a storng base lots of DB work dedication, consistancy and time. Id say no to the wraps and aids at this point dont mask the problem aim to fix it.

thanks, I 'll keep trying to work on the Bi’s and Tri’s so that i can lift the higher weights. I’m just worried that when i am pressing that my arm will eventually give out and thought that the straps will give me some type of protection until they are strong enough so i don’t need them. I appreciate all your help…