Weak DL

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My program calls for singles, doubles and triples with sufficient volume, 15 - 30 reps.

If I’m trying to get my deadlift 1RM to ascend I have no use for deadlifts in the 5+ rep category (except for RDLs and Good Mornings).

It’s not just your muscular system; your nervous system needs to feel and to have felt the heavier weights in order to authorize the muscles to lift them.[/quote]

I definitely agree. The RDL’s and GM’s will remain relatively high rep. As my mesocycle progresses, I’ll be doing the rack pulls for triples and singles well above my current 1RM. Gotta get used to the new training volume first, though.

All right, so it’s max week again. I really wasn’t expecting much of an improvement because I lacked my usual consistency over the last seven weeks.

Even so, I was able to DL 380 today, a 25lb pr in only eight weeks. If I can duplicate that gain over the next eight weeks, I’ll barely make my goal of 405 within one year of training.

Your deadlifting twice a week and doing rack pulls and good mornings.

Too much lower back, you cant recover.

I dead 5x5 heavy. If you hit it hard enough your spent and mission accomplished.

My back routine looks like this.

Dumbell Rows 4x8

ISO-Lateral Wide Pulldown 3x8

Deadlifts 5x5

Low Row 3x8

Lat pulldowns 3x10

My back routine is basically very heavy rows, very heavy deadlifts, and pulldowns one with a confined range of motion and one without.

[quote]Westclock wrote:
Your deadlifting twice a week and doing rack pulls and good mornings.


You didn’t even read past the first post?

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Westclock wrote:
Your deadlifting twice a week and doing rack pulls and good mornings.

You didn’t even read past the first post?[/quote]

Nope, and still haven’t read anything else but your last post.

Very well, I didn’t realize this thread was older, the last 3/4 of my post is still somewhat relevant.


You’re absolutely right, though. It would have been a mistake to DL twice a week. Lucky for me, someone else chimed in with the same advice earlier.

The differences in your lifts really aren’t that bad man. If it makes you feel better, my DL is actually 25 pounds LESS than my squat and I pull sumo; My conv pull is about 50lbs less than THAT lol. So maybe try sumo? Just a thought.

(Before I get flamed, those ARE raw and would pass in any fed.)

something I found that helps is to vary the width of your stance from week to week. Throw in some sumo deadlifts on leg day it won’t be right before/after back day.

Glute work will help a lot too, along with some trap work. I noticed that you go pretty damn heavy on good mornings. There are different schools of thought about good mornings, but keep in mind that at the bottom of the movement, with no weight, the load on your spine is the equivalent of roughly 175% of your body weight. If you’re already going heavy on deads, squats, and a couple other exercises that either target the lumbar region or put a big axial load on the spine, then anything much heavier than just the bar is overkill for gm’s.

I’ve had some lower back issues in the past, but I like to go heavy on deads so I use good mornings as a warmup by doing 2 sets of 15. This has helped me maintain a pretty heavy workload for deadlifts with minimal back discomfort.

2x15 with just the bar by the way. When I first started doing deads really heavy a few months ago, I kept tweaking my back a little and had to keep backing off. I was doing heavy gm’s a lot at the time. My deadlift was pretty weak for a while (330) because I kept having to take breaks, but once I started doing gm’s with just the bar as a warmup, along with some heavy RDL’s my deadlift went from 330 in January to 440 right now.

If your lower back feels weak in any deadlift movement,chuck in romanian deads and platform deads. This will help alot. Dont forget your heavy ab movements aswell.