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Weak Computer Geek


I have surfed around the site for four days or so, and have started the total body workout by Chad Waterbury.

I am 5'10", 194 pounds, weak computer geek. I am severely out of shape, and have been eating crap; 3500+ calories/day in Tv Dinners, Fast Food, sweets, etc.

My goal is to drop down to around 160-170lbs, while doing strength training and building some mass. This is my daily diet below, and I need to add some variations to it, so I am very open to suggestions.

5AM: 1 whey protein shake
6AM: Workout
7AM: Apple, 1 whey protein shake
10AM: Mixed Nuts
12AM: Salad, grilled chicken slices, fat free ranch, carrots, 200 calories total
2PM: Mixed Nuts, banana
4PM: 2 protein whey shakes
6PM: grilled chicken slices, cooked green beans, carrots, red/yellow peppers.
8PM: 2 protein whey shakes

I have read a bit about fish oil, recommended oil pills, but I am really just a fresh beginner. Thanks for any help.


is this supposed to be some kind of "Velocity" diet? (of course I know Shugart said the name velocity diet applies only to his concept)

Why do you want to start your day with a Whey Protein Shake only?
I would recommend you some Oats or if you insist on a shake at least use Metabolic Drive.

It seems like you consume to little calories and eat too much protein... remember you want your body to be efficent in burning fat and not in using protein as a fuel, so you probably put more emphasis on eating healthy fats together with your meats.

If you want to build mass AND lose fat AND have a lot of time to train then maybe you should try JB's G-Flux Redux method:


I started yesterday with it and it really is fun, I can eat more than the last three weeks of my diet (lost about 1.5-2kg fat)
and train harder.
But if you dont have the time to train six days a week (HIIT can be done in 20minutes and Tabata protocol even in 4 if you can stand the intensity), then G-Flux isnt for you and you should use another diet.
You should probably read Thibaudeau's "the beast evolves" and the recent transformation articles for ideas and inspiration


Great, Thanks Jenz. I do have the time to train six days a week. With the 3 workout plan, I've been doing cardio in between weight days.

I could do some fiber one oats, with skim milk, that does sound more appetizing.

I'd like to drop the 20-30 pounds first, while at least building strength training. I'm not hoping for great change and definition within 6 months time, but I do need to drop this gut, and build my strength. It's extremely difficult for me to do more than 1 pull-up, or 2 dips.


If this is your first go around with weights, you can shed that fat & gain strength & mass at the same time. In 3-6 months the scale shouldn't change much, but the mirror should.

Don't starve yourself, and eat more veggie and fat than you have listed there. Instead of Whey @ 8pm eat cottage cheese etc, don't be afraid of real food because your overweight. Take fish oil. Eat some fucking red meat and eggs for Christ sake.

Lift heavy and often. Focus on compounds, but don't forget some iso in at the end of a workout. If your goal is fat loss, compounds should come first, and curls for the girls second. Once you cut the fat down to levels acceptable to you, reevaluate your goals, and maybe move to a 5 day split with an arm day, whatever.

Personally, if I were you, I would focus more on lifting heavy and often and worry about counting calories later. As a true beginner don't waste newbie gains undercutting your recovery and intensity by not eating. That being said, don't be a dumbass and live off of snikers and eggo walfles either.


Sounds like you have a plan, listen to countingbeans, sums up everything I'd say. It's out of our hands now, all on you.

If you can barely do pullups or dips, look into incorporating some rubber band (jump stretch bands) pullups and negative pullups (get a stool or something and pull yourself upto the top and as slow as possible lower yourself). This with lat pull-downs, rows and you should get upto doing 10 pulls with ease in no time, given that your diet and work ethic are strong to aid in fat loss.

Keep us updated and don't be a pussy and quit like most do.


Add fishoil = Flameout buy @ this site.
Make sure yer doing a true noob workout or you may get hurt and stop training.

Keep training and keep reading the forums here, welcome to your new life!


btw, avoid fat free ranch, you dont save many calories and you lose the good fats while picking up sugar carbs...


Thanks for all the details guys. I appreciate the brutal honesty. I need the tough love, and kick in the ass to keep me rolling.

@ countingbeans, I like the advice, keep going.

@ Carlitosway, I just started doing horizontal rows, and can feel the same muscles working as a dip. Lat pull downs are about the only exercise I feel comfortable with, but I'm sure this will change. Thanks for the advice on the stool, I will give this a go.

@ Ratchet, thanks for the heads up, that stuff tastes like shit. Do you recommend any other dressings, that aren't fat free?

@ general, I tried squats today, but couldn't hold the bar without feeling like I was going to tip over backwards. I'm practicing seated squats, without any weights, making sure my feet stay flat all the way down.

I gave the hack squat a go today, and that gave me the shaky sewing machine legs for a couple hours after. Does anyone recommend certain squat lessons for beginners?

Thanks for the help, I'll keep you updated. I've moved to a 6 workout per week regime.


You are still going to be a weak computer geek if make your goal (160 lbs). If that's what you want then I would try a dieting support forum. I am going to repeat what you have already been told.

Weight loss should not really be your goal. What the scale says is pretty irrelevant on this forum.

Train, train, train.......but skip the weight loss goals as they will only sidetrack you. Focus on lifting weights first and foremost. Yes....squats. Do cardio when you are certain that you have been doing what you need to do with the weights.

And eat enough food to fuel the training and muscle building.

If you aren't a pussy you will be amazed at how much change you see in a year.....yes....I said a year. If you are just looking to slim down for your vacation to Disney Land...that is another reason to get off this forum.


At 5'10'' 160 you don't have to be weak. A lot of us cannot be big because of our jobs or sports. Right now I am about 170 and 5'9'' and I would definitely not classify myself as weak. Now believe me I would love to have more mass but thats not possible it doesn't mean that I can't shoot for being the strongest I can possibly be at my weight.


You should see some decent changes in about 3 months. Not sure what type of progressions are in the CW program but make sure the weights keep going up each week.


Also consider that I have a beer belly, so dropping weight is potentially fat, and building back muscle in the process is my plan. As far as the year goes, I know, I was thinking that reaching my Goal of 160-170, then creating another Goal to continue. I'm planning out more than a year, 2 or 3.


1porsche....where did I say my advice was directed at you? Did this suddenly turn into your thread?

I was making a point to Nomel....that if he is 5'10".....194 lbs....weak and "severely out of shape".....and loses a bunch of weight in a hurry...as his primary goal...that he will still be weak. And I would add that he will be skinny fat....with little muscle...and may become frustrated with his ability to maintain 160 lbs without starving himself.


I just enjoyed 4oz of cooked red meat. It was great. :o)



  1. Make your goal to look like a professional bodybuilder.

You probably won't ever get there, but that is the mind-set you need to put on a appreciable amount of muscle size.

  1. Use your instincts, realise that the vast majority of these detailed articles are NOT for beginners.

Here's one program/article you should think about following (ignore the speed/agility training part, you are not a football player/athlete): http://www.defrancostraining.com/articles.html

  1. Don't spend lots of time on the internet reading page after page about training. It will corrupt your thinking & delay your progress.

  2. Eat 3 big meals a day (800+ calories), with shakes/protein bars in between.

5: Be creative with your protein shakes to get in more calories - think eggs, peanut butter, banana's, yogurt.


Change this to 8oz at least.


Right on, I overreacted. It's the mentality here though that you should be so huge that its unattainable for most people. And people always seem to think that If your under 200lbs your not strong. I'm at 170 but that's with a 30' waist and extremely low body fat so just because someone has a few lbs on you doesn't mean they're necessarily stronger.

but anyway sorry for the hijack


Jayzus. Who the hell eats four ounces of red meat? That's not even worth the time it takes to cook it.


lol, alright. I'll up it to more, but it was only for one of the 6 meals, so I figured it was ok.

Again, thanks for the replies!


Getting your mind and body wrapped around the squat can be the most daunting task for a beginner, just don't give up. Keep the weight reasonable until you get the form down, then load up like there is no tomorrow.

(I find pulling down on the bar & my hands in close to the body keeps my back tight, and due to my body structure, I do a bastard type good morning to keep the bar in line. I also put steps behind me to mark depth. It is just below //. Squat down controlled slow till my ass touches, and explode up, well as close to explode as possible...)Give this a look:


Squats & Deadlifts should be the main focus of your life for the foreseeable future. You should be at low enough weights, and eating enough to do at least one twice a week the other once, and the other twice the next week and the first once.

Personally my Dead shot up, and squat came slow, then my dead slowed and squat shot up, now my dead is moving again and my squat is lagging. Just keep getting heavier, JUST KEEP ADDING WEIGHT TO THE BAR.

And to whoever said it, they are right. You don't need to read about a million programs yet. It honestly is as simple as:

1: Lift heavy shit (Note the word heavy)
2: Eat a lot of dense food
3: Sleep
4: Repeat.

Also, as it was brought up. There are A LOT of good things to be said about focusing on strength in the beginning. I hear it called "building a foundation". You can't get stronger without bigger muscles and vice versa, and as a beginner both will come fast. So work with weights you can lift 3-8 times. Push your CNS to see were your limits are now, take an extra rest day, and then push it again. Make that fucker adapt to you, not the other way around.

Don't be a pussy, keep upping the weight and your beer belly will fade away soon enough.

Oh, and good job with going with beef. If you do this lifting thing right, 4oz won't even be an appetizer in 3 or 4 weeks. Ravishing hunger will consume you, and then you must still eat more. Eating big is harder than lifting big IMO.