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Weak CNS

Over the past couple years I’ve gotten stronger and stronger, but lately it feels like even though my muscles can handle the load, my nervous system (I think this is what it is) can’t. After about 6 sets I just feel wasted. My strength starts to decline rapidly, and my rest times are way to long. I’m not sure what to do about this. It’s mostly on leg day and I’ll post the part of the workout that really screws me up.

5x5 Front Squats alternating with 5x5 DB RDL’s.

I feel like if I had the energy to keep on training my strength could be going up even more, but the volume of my workouts is sucking because I get so tired. I’m yawning constantly. Amount of sleep doesn’t make a difference, tried all kinds of different pre workout meals not making a difference.

Anybody else ever have this kind of problem?

How many times a week are you training?
What does the rest of your program look like?
When was the last time you de-loaded/ took a week off?
What are your stats?
How much are you eating?

I’d take a look at your nutrition. It probably isn’t CNS, you’re bonking in the middle of your sets and if you are getting enough rest, I doubt motivation is what you are lacking in. What type of rest periods are you using and how well conditioned are you? This can also make a difference in how you feel.

Good luck.


How long have you been doing this program? I’ve ridden a program too long and paid the price. My squat was steadily increasing, increasing and increasing, then boom I lost almost 50 pounds on it. You have to make sure you get enough rest, proper nutrition etc… But I bet it is one of two things. A stale program, bad periodization, and or lack of recovery days between the heavier lifting days.

I usually have one rest day per week.

My split is

Arms/Legs/Chest & Back/Rest


I lift heavy (4-6 reps) on every workout for the first 5 sets and then go on to the lighter stuff.

A couple times a week I will do the heavy part of the workout earlier in the day and the lighter part later.

Sleep wise, I am getting 6 hours of sleep a night.

Nutrition I am eating enough to gain weight so that should be enough cals. I have tried all different kinds of pre workout meals and they haven’t made a difference.

Last deloading week was when I had dental surgery in August.

[quote]T234 wrote:

Sleep wise, I am getting 6 hours of sleep a night.


oof, that might be it.

Just change things up i.e set/reps or follow a program from the site. The body is very resilient - nothing works forever.