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Weak Buns, Inc. (lava2007 training log)


No! You can’t say that until you run the program. Trust me, the enjoyment comes in phase three! If you have the same success that I had the first time I ran it (and hope to have this time) then you’ll learn to love it. It’s amazing to increase your PR’s by never training to failure. No more beating yourself into submission; just good, hard, smart training.


Maybe maybe not, I really like going for a rep pr, and the feeling when beating a previous rep pr is awesome.
But let’s see how it goes, then I’ll decide.


I may have already said this but SGSS is the plan for me after my cut. If I can get half the results that you got from it I’d be really happy. I may do a hypertrophic phase first, but no more 6x2s for me for a long time. I think that’s more of a peaking program than anything else


16 September 2018 -Supersets/Active Recovery Bodyweight: 215.3lbs

45 degree angle GHR 3x10 bodyweight + sideways band walks, 10 steps L&R (no rest)

Sumo Pallof Press 1x10 17.5, 1x10 22.5, 1x10 27.5 + Sumo Pallof Twist same weight & reps (no rest)

Reverse Cable Flys 3x10 17.5lbs + KB Swings 3x10 45lbs (no rest)

Good Mornings 1x10, 1x15, 1x20 95lbs + Seated Calf Raises 3x10 2 plates (1sec contraction + stretch at bottom) (no rest)

Lat Pulldowns 5x8 130lbs (30sec rest)

215lbs today after waking up at noon and sleeping for 9 hours. Didn’t eat much yesterday, but drank a decent amount of carbs at work (cranberry juice, orange juice, lemonade, water, root beer). Pretty much whatever reserves we had in the back for the bar is what I ate from 1pm til 10:30pm. Not ideal for a diet, but it gave me energy to carry 80lb racks of plates around and load the truck at the end of the shift.

All I had today before my workout was water–a lot of it. I’m not sure how that affected my weight this morning, though. I’m assuming I’m holding onto a healthy amount of glycogen and water because I went so carb-heavy yesterday.

I got home from work last night and had 6 beers and a large Moscow Mule with my dad by the bonfire in the backyard. It was a relaxing way to end a long day. I woke up around noon, like I said. Felt the hard liquor headache in the back of my skull when I woke up. No worries; an ibuprofen and caffeine pill and about 6 cups of water had me feeling great.

Today was Day 19 of my lat pulldown experiment. Looks like I’m only at 523 reps while about 63.5% of the way through my 30 days. Time to pick up the pace a little bit. I need to average 48 reps/day every day from here on out to meet my deadline.

I really enjoyed this quick workout today. I walked into the gym at 1:24 and the gym closed at 2:00, so I was out of there at 1:55. My hamstrings are going to be very sore tomorrow because I haven’t done good mornings in over a month, but it’s worth it. I love good mornings with all my heart.

Right now, the plan for tomorrow is cloudy. It wholly depends on how my hamstrings feel. If they’re feeling good, then I’ll be doing 10x3 front squats, maybe 5x8 single leg squats, and 10x3 OHP. If my hamstrings are tight and sore, I’ll probably just go for a jog. Maybe I’ll do some lat pulldowns.

I’ll be very strict with my diet this week and then take some measurements and do an official weigh-in next Monday morning. One of my best friends is getting married on Saturday, so my usual Friday+Saturday schedule will be replaced with some celebration. I turn 21 on Wednesday, but instead of getting pizza or something, my dad is grilling steaks and my mom is making some broccoli salad and some pesto pasta. It’s going to be a semi healthy cheat dinner. It’s shaping up to be an odd week. I’m going to hang out with a cute girl I haven’t talked to in 4 or 5 years until 3 days ago, I’m going to legally be allowed to purchase alcohol and tobacco (again), and one of my most longtime friends is getting hitched. AND I have an exam on my birthday in anatomy&physiology which is a make-or-break sort of thing for me. It’s going to be interesting, but y’all know I’m still going to get my training in.


Just did a set of plate drags and I can already tell I’m going to be sore tomorrow. They’re definitely more effective than the adductor and abductor machines in the gym. I’m hoping that these can round out my hip and leg strength and help me get over my stupid hip flexor business.


I use the abduction/adduction machine! I don’t care what people think. The one I use has an adjustable back rest and I can almost lie down flat. I find that my hip flexors do a lot of work when my hip is flexed so mimicking the standing version works best.


17 September 2018 - Legs Bodyweight: 211.4lbs with shoes on…
Warmup: Soft tissue stuff, band walks, knee band clams, and sumo pallof twists

Front Squat 9x3 225lbs (60sec)
Single Leg BB Split Squat 3x8 each leg 95lbs (60sec)
Lat Pulldown 7x8 130lbs (30sec)

very quick workout. Not very easy, though. Whole thing took me about 45min after sitting in the library at school studying for 4 hours straight. I’m fuckin’ exhausted now.

Lat Pulldowns Day 20, 579 reps.

rest day tomorrow. Probably will just do some jump rope in the driveway when I get tired of studying for my make-or-break anatomy exam…

I got some things to gripe about when it comes to anatomy. I’ll save it for another night when I have a single shred of energy… Good night fellas


Nice, these lat pulldowns are adding up.

Im gonna add in this 8x8 after my meet prep is over.


i tried doing the pulldowns every session but i ended up hating lat pulldowns because of doing them so often


Damn man. Lat pull downs have always been kinda brainless to me, so I didn’t mind. You prolly shoulda mixed it up with other back movements in an 8x8.


My back gets hit quite alot and seems to keep growing so for now its probably Just jumk volume. I do like the 8×8 With short rest periods tho for a sick back pump


Yeah man. Mixing it up is a good idea


I’m kinda in between you two on this one. I don’t mind lat pulldowns, because monotony is part of training. But I’ve considered switching to 8x8 barbell rows or something.

I wanted to do DB rows since those never fail to give me a lat pump, but it would be very difficult to get 30sec of rest between each set. It’d basically be rowing 8 reps each side with 5-10sec of rest which would add up quickly. Plus, since it’s a unilateral movement, I’d end up feeling like I just did 16x8 instead of 8x8…maybe that’s worth a shot though


You could always do DB seal rows.

I remember that article didn’t recommend unilateral training.


I’ve seen CT say horizontal pulling is more important than vertical pulling for back development. I also just read something the other day by him where he said he’s caused shoulder pain by having athletes do too much vertical pulling.

I’ve made sure to increase my horizontal pulling. Sometimes I’m equal with one horizontal pull and one vertical but if I add any work it’s always horizontal.