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“Weak” Bottle of T

Has anyone ever encountered this?

I’m not going to say where I get mine from because I’m NOT trying to start some mass hysteria over something extremely unlikely. And even if it were “weak” it’d likely be my handling, not the manufacturers.

But it’s funny I’ve had more issues with this bottle the last month or 2 (it’s almost empty and they last me about 2 months) including a blood test showing a TT of 600 on 154mg/week. 2 months ago I was seeing 50% higher TT from the same dose.

Again, just exploring this. Need to get another draw done too.

Do you get it from a pharm or ugl

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Ah should’ve shared that at least. Pharm

Be interested in hearing the experts. Do you feel good

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Decently well but not as good as before. It could be a whole slew of other things too.

I know this is super unlikely, but I have heard of it happening. The drastic change in TT was especially weird. Just not sure if it’s a common thing in the TRT world.

Are you having the same lab do all the bloodwork?

The reason I ask, is that I was using one lab for a while, and I got fairly consistent total T numbers. Then my last total T reading was the lowest reading I’ve had in years. But the range on the latest lab was lower, so my reading was comparable to the others with a higher range.

You are noticing a change in how you feel?

Actually…I am not. Didn’t think of that either. Quest showed way lower. I have a script for another at Labcorp, I’m going to get that soon enough and see where I stand.

Yea, haven’t felt as “on” the last several weeks, and libido has taken a big hit.

I’ve been changing tons of things to find the problem but nothing yet. Last night I did realize I’ve taken a lot of allergy meds the last few weeks though. Going to give those a bit of a break and see how I feel.

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Concentration is specified in the US Pharmacopeia as +/- 10% of the label

For December - April this year, I was using 2 “nearly” expired (May 2020) T cyp bottles from Empower. I could not for the life of me get my TT over 700 even on 200mg/week. My libido was suffering, and my doctors kept saying “wow 700 is really good!”

I finally used up the nearly expired vials, and switched to a newer one. The results have been shocking to say the least. My fuse has been a little shorter, and libido is sort of back (but better when I take a few Cialis).

Got labwork done the other day:
TT: >1500
FT: >50
E2: 61.4 (7.6 - 42.6 pg/mL)

Without even posting the T ranges, I think it’s easy to see these are literally off the chart!

I’ve seen no real benefit from going this high, but damn, the variance between bottles is so frustrating.

It’s funny you posted this. I got my bloodwork checked after 10 weeks of TMC compounded test and it was 752ng (usually over 1100). Switched back to my usual pharmacy stuff, 6 weeks later, over 1500ng. Same needles, frequency, etc. the exp date on the compounded test was also 6 months, where as the pharm stuff is a year

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Even weirder for me as both were compounded bottles. I’ve seen this happen other places with other guys too though.

A few? How many mg at a time are you talking about? (They come in at least 4 different strengths). In my case ED issues were one of the major reasons I got T levels checked, and once on T things were better, but hit or miss (good one week…not so great for 2-3…then good again etc). Got an Rx for cialis and find even a low dose (~5mg) has never failed for me…even still effective the next day.

Possibly placebo and maybe I’m all “fixed up” from TRT at this point, but at the price I don’t care - there’s enough other benefits that I’m gonna keep using the C.

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A few as in my tolerance is up to 60mg or so - no joke. I’ve tried different brands, it’s a little concerning.

The good news is that lately when everything else aligns (got enough sleep, etc), I really don’t even need it anymore. So trying to focus on that.

Following up on this - about 10 days into my new 150mg dose (same bottle, so 25% reduction). I feel well mostly, but I’m getting a little concerned that I’m getting dumber. I’m dead serious!

In conversation, at the store, figuring out work…I’ve definitely gotten stupider. I’m guessing this is just me adapting as my levels drop from being way out of range? For the record, I used to feel just great with TT around 800, so I definitely don’t need them 1500+.

In the meantime, making the necessary adjustments to my work and personal life to whether the storm, but it is frustrating.

where you store bottle ?

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In a plastic container under my bathroom sink. Seems to stay relatively cool down there.