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Weak big bi

This might sound oxymoronish but my right bi is considerably larger than my left. I can totally feel the diference when I get a pump or flex. However, it is my weaker side. It gives out before my left and is able to lift less.

How can I fix this?

Well size doesn’t always mean strength, but I think when you’re talking about muscle imbalances, the larger size is typically stronger (at least this was the case with my arms).

If you’re curling with barbells obviously switch to dumbbells. When doing back exercises, really concentrate on the weak side to make sure that you’re pulling equally as hard with it (this helped a lot for me).

Are you sure that the larger side is weaker? Or, could it be that you are fatiguing it faster by using it to compensate for the weaker side?

I use mainly dumbells to try to balance things out. I really minimized barbells because of this problem but that is when I really started to notice the stregth difference. I began using a little heavier dumbell on my left because I did think it was the weaker side but my right would still give out first.

Should I change the reps up for my left and right?
Right heavy weight 3-5 reps per set
Left lighter weight 8-12 reps per set

Maybe you need to switch hands with jerking off. Couldn’t pass that one up.