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Weak Bench Press

Hey there!

I’v been training for a pretty short amount of time. (4 weeks)

Atm, I feel that my bench presses are rather weak, I can do 8 times something along the lines of 45kg. And if i put additional 10 kgs on, i can hardly do one. (I can, but its very very hard)

Plus my left shoulder doesnt like chest exercises either.

Dunno if its worth noting, but im very tall: 200 cm and very skinny, 77kg.

Sorry bout using the kg and metric system, but it’s the only one that works! (haha)

Thanks from Denmark.

Take a look at Starting Strength. Also, do a search for shoulder savers, it should help your left shoulder.

Oh, and eat more.

If you’ve only been lifting for four weeks, everything should be weak so that’s not unusual. The only way you will become stronger with your bench is to bench.

Have you injured your left shoulder before? Is it possible that you can upload some video of you performing a bench so the forum members are able to see how you set up and grip the bar? Sometimes it’s just a matter of adjusting that.

You are new here and you will hear the following things a lot: eat, lift, rest, repeat. Sounds too simple but that’s all there really is to it and it works.

Oh, also, how do you work up to the 55kgs, as in reps/sets?

haha thanks, and yea I am eating more, i went from 71kg to 77kg in this period of training.

Ouh didn’t notice your answer.

Well, I tend to warm up with 20 reps with the bar without additional weight on.

Then I just got for the bar+ 10kgs in each sides, ithout any real issues. If i then try to top that with additional 2.5kgs in each side… It gets hard. Very hard. like a max of 2-3 reps.

I do think that i may need to improve my warm ups.

About my shoulder, it’s a pain that i apparently have had for a long time. A year ago, i went to the gym with my friend once, and tried one of the chest machines, and I got the exact same pain as I do now. I have no Idea why though.

And sure, Im gonna have to keep pushing, I have experienced a great deal of improvements in other exercises.

Work out your legs too (Squats Deadlifts) to increase bench strength!

And if your shoulder is hurting doing bench then do inclines. They are easier on the shoulder or Flat Dumbells.

Alright! Will get right on it!

Annoyingly enough my friend hates doing squats… And for som reason I don’t feel comfortable doing those alone atm.

I got one for you. This has helped me gain 20 lbs on my bench in like a couple weeks. I was at 270 max for one. Now i press almost 3 full plates about 20 lbs off. I got this routine outta muscle and fitness. Let me tell you it works…! If you want i will scan it and post it for you…

But this is how it works,

  1. Figure out your working weight at 8-10 reps

  2. Add 20-35% extra weight.

  3. Affix a smith machine, bech press or squat rack with the safeties at almost full extension of your arms. Up near the top. Rest the bar or smith bar or whatever you are using on the safties. Lift off of the safites. (so if you did a press your range of motion would be short 1/4 of a rep).

  4. Remove say 20-30% of the extra weight you added to start.

  5. Lift the bar push hard that short distance off of the safties, up and down SLOWLY then rest one second. Do this for 5 reps with the rest in between.

  6. Then lower the safties down one or two notches depending on your set up. Dont drop down too far but make sure it makes the press a longer distance from start to finish. Say half your range of motion than a full press.

  7. Now repeat the 5 reps you had just finished with a second rest in between.

  8. When done that set remove most of the extra weight (80% leave a little).

  9. Drop the safties down another notch or two depending on your set up or what you are using.

  10. Now repeat the 5 reps again with the second rest in between. Your range of motion from start to finish should be almost from your chest to the top but a inch maybe 2 off of your chest. (3/4 range of motion).

This gains strength and works because your stronger at the top of your press than from the bottom. So it allows you to press more where you are stronger. Wwhich in turn causes your muscles to build faster and stronger.

Hope this works/helps out your bench…


PS–>If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Thanks fiz, sounds great, id be willing to try that out!

(A scan as you mentioned wouldn’t be too bad.

Guess I’m gonna try it tommorow.

Yeah try it its awesome its the first thing i do before i work my chest on chest days. The scan makes it alot clearer pics and all.


Alright, where could I obtain this scan then?^^

How many push-ups can you do?

Only about 25 pushups in a row.

did you think you’d get huge in 4 weeks?

Hell no I didnt. And if I did i wouldn’t bind myself to gym for one year.

Anywhos, I am experiencing progress!

Mainly because of fixed technique (Earlier I had a pain in the shoulder), so was mainly trying to see if I could get some more usable tips.

Also started the Starting strenght program, which hopefully, should give me somewhat a better base.

(Im no disco gym trainer or whatever you call, I plan on being serious)

get a bench press as strong as this girl, thats more then ive seen blokes in the gym i train at bench flat

[quote]sid132 wrote:

get a bench press as strong as this girl, thats more then ive seen blokes in the gym i train at bench flat [/quote]

u do know thats fake right? haha u probably do but just making sure

Nahhh, I’m not THAT commited^^

yeh theres another clip in the list on that vid of her putting an olympic bar across her back an bending it over her neck haha