Weak Bench! How to Improve?

[quote]RuthlessMurder wrote:
Stop doing high volume and start testing your max constantly. If you want to get strong you need to lift heavier weights. If you want to get better at pressing 185, press 185 repeatedly.[/quote]


[quote]CSEagles1694 wrote:
Get stronger.


Such a smart assy but very correct answer . If you’re benching 185 the answer is simple . 300,400,500 the answer might be more complicated.

The decline bench has been proven by the soviets to increase gayness by 78.4 %.

[quote]pcoleman09 wrote:
Hi guys,

I have been plateaued at my bench press of 185 for a couple of months. I am 155 pounds and 19 years old. I would like to know a solid rep scheme to increase my bench press. Also, i have heard that decline bench is better than doing flat, so i only do decline and incline. Please help me out guys. A new rep scheme for my bench would be lovely.[/quote]

1 - follow a repuatable program like 5 3 1
2 - Eat more, and eat more protein
3 - Search “So You Think You Can Bench” on Youtube

When I was younger I was already doing 1 and my form wasn’t terrible. 2 got me about 35lbs past my stall point in just 6 months.