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Weak Bench! How to Improve?


Hi guys,

I have been plateaued at my bench press of 185 for a couple of months. I am 155 pounds and 19 years old. I would like to know a solid rep scheme to increase my bench press. Also, i have heard that decline bench is better than doing flat, so i only do decline and incline. Please help me out guys. A new rep scheme for my bench would be lovely.


Dumbbell Press

Dynamic Bench

Close grip flat bench

Floor press extra wide grip

T-bar rows

Chest flyes

Push press

Strict Overhead press

just a few options.
and as always just bench more.


Increase pressing volume, Face pulls/any rear delt work, rows, triceps.


I answered the previous thread but I'm starting to think you're just trolling...


Get stronger.




"Also, i have heard that decline bench is better than doing flat, so i only do decline and incline."

If you didn't include this sentence your trolling would have been less obvious.


Eat more food. Follow a program that has been written by someone who knows what they are talking about. An example could be Jim Wendler's 531.


what is trolling? and can someone actually tell me a workout program for chest? that would be awesome haha


I did.



Are looking to get hawt abz or are you looking to move some serious weight? Pick one and stick with it.



The fact that you don't flat bench means you should GTFO. Go bother the bodybuilding guys.


honestly, im probably not the strongest guy on this website, but i can tell you if you want to increase your bench press...start doing pushups...good old fasioned gym class pushups...do as many as u can in one set...then repeat for 3 more sets

also dips and overhead pressing will increase ur tricep strength, which in turn will increase ur bench press...good luck!


Stop doing high volume and start testing your max constantly. If you want to get strong you need to lift heavier weights. If you want to get better at pressing 185, press 185 repeatedly.



Fix your form. I guarantee that it sucks. Google "so you think you can bench" and watch the whole series of videos. There was a pretty good bench progression article on this site a while back. You could search for it in that little white box at the top right of you screen.

It went something like this: work up to a set of... and add in some assistance triceps, lats, rear delts, and upper back.
wk1 70% for max reps
wk2 80% for max reps
wk3 90% for max reps
wk4 60% for 5 reps (deload)
wk5 70% for max reps
wk6 80% for max reps
wk7 90% for max reps
wk8 hit a new 1 rep max

Eat a lot and that ought to do you. Bench progress can be slow... I consider adding 5 pounds a month to be good progress for me.


If you are serious and not trolling then... simply perform 3 sets of 5 reps at 155 pounds. If you can complete all 3 sets, increase the weight by 5 pounds. Keep following that format until you truly reach a plateau. At that point we can give you real advice. Until then get in the gym and make sure to eat. Once you plateau we can look at ways to increase you triceps strength and increase you lat activation. Simple before fancy. Put the work in and then we will actually use our brains to help you defeat you plateaus.


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