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Weak Appetite



I am currently on my cycle of test cyp 500mg/wk and deca 600mg/wk. Cycle has started on the 3rd of January so today is the tenth day of the cycle. I am having problems eating. Meaning i do get hungry if I dont eat obviously however i was expecting for the apetite to be higher. I can feel the gear kicking in since im startign to get the moonface and pumps starting at the gym and the gear is from a safe source so I am not worried about that.

Apetite is the issue after i waake up i have a protein shake which keeps me full for 2-3 hours unable to eat anything else then i try to have breakfast around 10-11 oclock. Around 2-3 oclock i try to have anotehr meal. Then my next meal would be home after work around 7 oclock then I would go gym come back have a meal and a protein shake. However each meal i eat whilst i eat it are not some impossible to eat portions soemtimes after just starting the meal the food is growing in my mouth and just the thought of finishing the whole plate is making me sick.

Is it in my head? but i dont have a hunger like people do after gear where they eat a full plate and they are hungry after an hour im worried i wotn get much gains beacuse i just eat like normal people that dont train do. I also go to the toilet once a day in the morning. I try to drink around 3-4 litres of water everyday. My worry is that people that get gains on gear dont seem to have a limit to their apettite with me the thing is i could think i can eat a meal but when i get to it i take a few bites and i cant finish it.

Thwere are days where i can eat moer there are days where i dont feel like eating at all. For example today (sorry i do not have a diet but that is due to my work and im always in a car) I had a protein shake in the morning, 2 tuna sandwiches around 8-9 oclock. Around 1 oclock I had quarter pounder with lamb and rice. And I just barely finished a chicken korma with rice just now. JHowever these meals are difficult to stuff in almost vomited at the last few bites just now.

Is that normal? will the gear still rise my apettite. Seems that i have put on 3.5kg since i started the cycle just hoping its not all water.

Any suggestions? please


you taking an a.i. ?


Just get it in you. It's uncomfortable, but so what? Eat calorie dense foods and just shove that shit in.


sorry not to familiar with shortcuts. what is Ai?

Yogi thats what i do but sometimes it gets to a point where is actually growing in my mouth to a loint where i know i will vomit. it happend twice to me before. and i actually vomited.


Why the fuck are you cycling if you don't know what an AI is?


AI = Artificial Intelligence...duh! Come on OP.


I have been eating 3 big meals and I normally do my whey/oats/PB shake right after. The exception is lifting days so the post breakfast shake comes after training. Other than that you have to power through it. Only way I am able to do it without GOMAD, which I physically can't do again. It did teach me how to eat a lot though.


3 meals? Ok youre just a pussy then


I eat 3 meals while I'm deciding what to have for breakfast


How much you weigh OP?


Lolol woops i thought this was the op, my fault lol.


Unless youre literally throwing up your food, just chew swallow repeat, yeah its gonna be uncomfortable but youll get used to it.


it was mate, you were right. I was taking the piss out of him too!