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We were soldiers

I just returned home after watching this movie at the cinemas. Man it really opens your eyes as to what people went through back in those days. I felt horrible at times, some of the scenes were horrific.

Mel Gibson i though put in a great effort as lead actor.

A few days ago here in Australia on Anzac day, some of the war veterans who fought in Vietnam also mentioned that this movie is right on the mark when it comes to realism.

I came away from the movie with an empty feeling but still satisfied that i did go and watch it. It re enforced the fact that we take a lot for granted, when so many people had no option but to fight and die for their country.

Anyone else see this movie? What did you think of it?

I saw it and I thought Mel Gibson was good. I also thought that Sam Elliot was excellent in his role. My dad fought in WW2 and has told me things about it. Awful things that he went through. I live in the USA (Iowa) and though we gripe and groan about things we should all feel very lucky. Many people died so that we may live this way. How we can ever repay those who served their country I can’t even begin to say. Remember it wasn’t a movie for the guys over there fighting, it was real. The results were final. Thanks.

You couldn’t pay me enough to watch it. Mel Gibson, however, is a fine actor.

Avoid roids why dont you even want to see it?

I read the book and also saw the movie. If anything the gravity of the situation was underplayed in the movie. The original fight was bad. The LZ got too hot. They had to move about a mile to get to another and were ambushed by a superior force and their force was split in two and over run. There were many “friendly fire” casualties due to the heavy grass and the sheer volume of fire causing some guys to totally lose it and fire in any and every direction. The fact they got out at all was a victory. My dad fought in Vietnam. I’ve seen a few movies like Apocalypse Now with him. Some of the stuff bugs him, he won’t talk about a lot of it. My ex-foreman was in the Tet Offensive and the only thing he will ever say about that war is it’s the worst thing he ever went through. I can see that not reminding oneself about something like that is sometimes the best way to go. I respect everyone that goes to war for their country, even when the country and it’s reasons turn out to be bullshit. It’s not the warrior that decides those things, he’s just dong his job…and they do it well.

I’ve got a LOT of respect for any one who fought for this country, even the ones who fought in 'nam. If you know any one who fought in WWII or 'nam, you might consider thanking them for sacking up when their country said “fight”. Especially those who fought in WWII, as we’re losing about 100 (or mor) a day now. Ask them what it was like, maybe take some notes or record the conversation. They have a legacy that’s worth passing down to our kids. And for those who fought in 'nam, I give a big “THANK YOU” for doing what your country asked of you.