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We Were F**king Lame


It just occurred to me how fucking lame we were as kids in the 80's. I have recently watched both the He-man cartoon and the Superfriends...and both look like the were written for 3 year olds today. I remember watching that shit in grade school.

What the hell was wrong with us?

Did we really need every villain to explain what he was about to do before he did it...as well as the heroes?

yeah, that's a real quote. A fucking BAT SKI LIFT...and we never questioned it.

I mean, while

could potentially lead to some kinky mental imagery, this shit was corny as hell and treated us like we were idiots.

Were we idiots?

LOL, He-Man was even worse.


No we where young and those are real bad examples watch Transformers and Gijoe better animation better story telling.


gotta say 80's cartoons still better than 90's and current cartoons... tried watching looney toons reboot one morning... it was horrible


Transformers was gawd awful as well.

GI Joe is surprisingly decent IMO.


90's cartoons own

nothing touches batman,spiderman,and xmen from the 90's


Also Spiderman and his Amazing friends when originally aired had some pretty adult and mature things goign on. Not every episode but a few. Take for instance the original opening to this episode with Firestar in the danger room. When this was reran in the late 80's early 90's on Marvel Action Universe, with Dino Ryders and Robocoop they didn't show her failing the test it opens with the fall and Professor X


Dude, I used to live and breath for that Spiderman cartoon. I used to imagine the day when I could own my own apartment where all of the furniture flipped over into hidden computers...for what I hadn't figured out yet.


Alrighty then:


I loved Captain Planet, but now I realize it was Al Gore's pre-cognizing the green movement.


Also animation is lame now, here are the openings from Spiderman in the 80's, 90's, and recent spectacular


X: is it more like quagmire's apt now? where the the furniture flips over to various beds and a bar?


thats fucking weird.


Nope even those are lame I give Batman props for the animation style but in the early episodes the censors wouldn't even allow windows to make breaking noises


...which is likely why our cartoons sucked so much...parental censor groups. Every fucking thing on tv had to be sweet joyful images where every episode ended with everyone laughing about something.

Life isn't even like that.


Close. The couch flips over into a full sized grill though.

I am still working on the coffee table transforming into Beyonce but you would be surprised how limited cherry oak is.


Wouldn't that actually work in Batman's favour? I mean, if anyone could break into a place, by breaking a window, and not crack a peep, it would be Batman.


Is it possible that back then cartoons weren't as well defined in regards to age brackets and were aimed at a far larger range of kids than cartoons today? Either way- I still love 80's toons: GI Joe, He-man, Robotech, D&D, Dangermouse, Transformers...aye, they were all unsophisticated in a way but a great relief from relentless airings of The Three Stooges!


This and we didnt have internet, young kids today have already seen two girls one cup by the 4th grade.


I still listen to the song of this cartoon, my favourite ever with He-Man (obviously) :

Not so much ago I watched an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (whatever order) and it was ridiculous, with the turtles realizing things that were impossible for them to know. Like, they are sitting at their "base" and they suddenly know that some bad guy is going to rob a bank. So lame.


Damn, I love this movie.