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We Want Surge! We Want Surge!

Cmon, guys! I can’t wait any longer! Is Teddy gonna have to send Gramma out to use his “collection methods?” GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

What the hell, Teddy! You think you can just pop up after a long hiatus and just demand this awesome product?

Just messin’, buddy. Glad to have you back and hope all’s well with the certification and the like.

I get a Surge in my pants just thinking about the new post-workout drink…I used to really look forward to that ice cold shake after pounding myself, but have had to sacrifice taste and pleasure for the benefits of the less than desireable homemade concoction.

Timbo, what’s up, amigo! What can I say, I can be really impatient. I just ordered a monster supply of Biotest supps, and to my disappointment the Surge was still listed on my invoice as a pre-order item. AAAAAAAARRRGH!
I will say that the Advanced Protein is as good as advertised. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t taste exactly like Grow. I’ve been eating rather MASSIVELY, and although the days of 5% bf and a 29 in. waist are gone, it’s nice to be training heavy again. Love the low-rep stuff! I may have stumbled onto a good gig once I get my certification-a relative of mine works for a pretty big corporation in NE and is pretty high up. I found out that they have their own exercise facility as well as trainers. Best of all, it would get me out of this hick town and into the best city in Nebraska to live in. There may be light at the end of the tunnel after all. How’s the iron game going for you, dawg?

I called Biotest today at like 3am EST and they told me they expect Surge to be there April 9th. I will call them again then, I guess. Now, we should probably call Biotest “the company that never sleeps.” I mean how awesome is it that somebody is on the other end to answer my question in the middle of the night? Wow!

Timbo, as I sit here, eating your delicious oatmeal concotion, I’m reading that you get wood thinking about Surge. I think that makes you a HomoSupplementSexual. Congratulations on coming out of the closet. lol. I hear there’s a new cable station similar to the Spice Channel, but just shows containers of Surge bouncing around thongs. lol

Yeah, I’m with you guys…Where the F is the Surge. I can’t take mixing this crap anymore!

Teddy, my man, that’s great news, bro. The iron game is all good here, but there are some other complications going on in this dawg’s kitchen…but don’t worry, can’t nobody or no thing hold me down!

B-Boy Mike, you bust me up, baby! That’s an interesting little phrase you coined there. Glad you’re enjoying the goods…I can’t go a day without at least one meal of it!