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We Should Have a Challenge

Gentleman (& ladies?):

I was looking around and noticed a T-ransformation 2017 challenge. It occurs to me us old people ought to devise such a thing. Or is there one I’ve missed?

I’ve no proposals outside of maybe a how ripped can u get within a given timeframe. Lord knows I’m nowhere close snd competitions can motivate like a big dawg.

Anyone else interested in something like that?

Thx for indulging me in this post.

Viva La Barbell!

At 32 I’d be too young to participate but as a long time lurker at the TN forums I’ve always found the O35 guys to be the most interesting and entertaining, so I’d follow this with some interest…Do it!

Entertaining eh? Hmmm, well for now I’ll take that as a compliment. Be advised, you’re rapidly approaching the O-35 cstegory and will soon be part of all that :slight_smile:

Sadly so far this is the only interest shown. If no one wants to play, I’ll just frickin challenge myself…

Getting ripped being a serious goal at present, am going to start corner sprints today. Will probably be more like corner jogs at first but…

Take it easy…

Viva La Barbell!

Go for it. I’ll drop in on it.

Should I just devise a contest timeframe, requirements and judging criteria and create a new thread, or should we leave it in this one ya think? Hey, I’m an older dude and just don’t know how to do such things :confused: :slight_smile:

As for my ideas, I think doing a contest that starts 11/1/17 and ends 03/1/18 would make sense because it takes hard ass work and dedication to get ripped through winter…

If u, or anyone else has suggestions or comments about something like a "How Ripped Can an Old Man Get in 16 Weeks?"
thing I’d love to hear them.

As for me, my original goal in getting ripped remains 11/09/17, but there’s no way in hell I’ll be AS ripped as I could ever be by then. A lot leaner yes, but not so ripped that it evokes gasps when my shirt comes off :).
We all know these things go in stages and we’ll always have some kind of physique improvement to make, so we therefore set short term goals that act as steps in reaching whatever long term goal we have. It then seems that a 16 week rip session could act as a step…


How Ripped Can an Old Man Get in 16 Weeks

DATES: 11/01/2017 - 03/01/2018
Before Pics Submitted NLT 11/05/17
Final Pics Submitted NLT 03/02/18

Judging by total votes of Over 35 people (only voting requirement is age) to evaluate HOW ripped each contestant got, while taking into account how ripped he was (or not) upon starting the challenge. Example: Let’s say we have 2 men in the contest. Man #1 starts with 15% looking BF and gets down to 6. Man #2 starts while looking like 10% BF and gets down to 6% as well
Man #1 worked harder so wins. But let’s say Man #2 goes from 10 to 4%, who wins? Man #2 because it was to that extreme and he damn well looks better.


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@s_afsoc it is indeed meant as a compliment!

K thx!

For what it’s worth, the T-ransformation actually had a lot of people in their mid-to-late 30s and a few that were almost 50. Not all of them actually finished the challenge though. So it’s not like it was “just” a younger lifter’s game. I also have a feeling some older lifters aren’t necessarily comfortable posting shirtless pics on the Internet, so that’s a separate issue.

Rumor has it there may be a more organized, somewhat more “official” T-ransformation coming around in 2018, but if you want to put together your own thing, go for it for sure.

Nothing wrong with that in general. And, while it’s not necessarily a strict “challenge”, we do have the Photo/Video Check-ins every February 1 and August 1 if you want a general target to aim for.

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I’ve not seen that particular check-in thing.

I get that some of us may not want to post shirtless pics-very understandable.

If there’s going to be a more “official T-ransformation” thing I’d rather do that really. Just had got to thinking of ways to remain highly motivated and accountable.

I think I’ll leave this be until I find out what else might be happening in the way of challenges and stick to my personal target dates.

Thx for the tip & can u link me to the photo/video check in or give me the thread title so I can find it?

Ya all take care!

Not to tip your hand or anything… but how much work should I be planning on putting into next years contest? :wink:

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I’m working with HQ to tweak it a bit based on how this year’s went. I/we will handle the arrangements and announcements, no worries. You just focus on gunning for the title and hitting a new best shape, like we’re all shooting for.

I had linked it in that last comment, but this is it: Aug '17 Photo/Video Check-In

@Lonnie123 better start cutting now, man. You’re gonna wanna come into the start of the competition in tip top shape…

Sweet! Sounds great

Ha goal now is just not to slip back too badly and end up worse than I started last time

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