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We Practice What We Preach!


This is the first video is a series I am shooting based on the trainers I work with at Studeo55 in Vancouver. Meet Hadley Forsythe a vocalist, trainer and figure competitor.


I don't get it. What are you preaching?


I hope they are all as hot.


Just hard work and committment to your dreams :slight_smile:


I'd be more than happy to help her push out of her comfort zone.


I don't understand... she didn't get naked once in the entire video.


Tits or GTFO!


I'm committed to a dream of seeing naked pics of that girl.


So do we at the church of Po Pimpin


The idea of your video is cool. You follow someone en-route to acheiving their goal.

The execution is decent. From an idea standpoint, it'd be cool to see shots of her as a beginner, the first interview with the weight-staff, and then pictures as she gets closer and closer to the competition date. This is probably way out of your scope, and I've just been spoiled by the reality TV phenomenon of the last decade.

The exercises you film her doing make me want to deck you, but that's a personal vendetta of mine against crossfit, and likely completely irrelevant.

I think the rest of the board wants more shameless ass-shots.

That's pretty much it. I think it'll turn out to be a neat marketing tool for you.


Lucky bastard getting to work with a girl like that.


I disagree. I think crossfit is a perfectly good program for figure competitors. I have a problem when the try to sell it for things like bbing.


You disagree that it makes me want to deck him? that it's a personal vendetta of mine against crossfit? or that it's irrelevant?


You say she a vocalist, huh? I would enjoy watching a video of her singing... in the shower, naked, and all soaped up.


I recommend you film less of the front squats, since her form looks pretty bad.


not sexy, squats are too high.


I was with you until the kippings.
I'd like to know who the first person was to come up with those and then decide to show them to someone else. Then I would like to find out who the person was that he showed who said, "Fuck yeah, those are awesome!" . . Then I would fight that guy to the death.

What if I did curls that way.. or squats that way..

Sorry, hating kippings rant.

Tits or GTFO.


So, these be one of them chrome and fern pleasure palaces. :slight_smile:


I disagree with you getting mad under the circumstances. She's a figure competitor, it's valid in that context.


I'm not going to bother getting into a forum debate about exercise choice or form but I would just like to take a second to thank everyone for watching the vid and I'll keep posting them as I make them.