We Need Updated Stacks

Hey T-Nation/members, with all the updated supps out as of late and it being XMAS time where some of us tend to get ourselves massive supplies of supps(even fits into new years resolution ideas) T-Nation should pump out a new year resolution stack, or at least update their old stacks considering all the new tools in their arsenault.

I would like to know how to maximize my Supps $ by putting the right ones together

Same, I’m about to make a big purchase and want to make sure I get things that will work together along side my goals.

[quote]HateMachine wrote:
arsenault. [/quote]


No one has even said what their goals are!


First, they talked about doing another article and updating it to include the new supps.

Second, when you go to the Biotest ordering page, you can click the different links and it will guide you thru the ideal supps you want to order for your goals.