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We Need To Burn Down Oxygen Media

The time has come


Kill it! Kill it! Kill it with fire!

My brain hurts.

And my testicles just shrank a bit.

If, as TC says, porn raises test levels, that show lowers them…

A lot.

What the hell were the directors thinking? (i’ve worked out the scenario in my head)

director 1: ‘All right guy, now we need a show that women would watch, so it should be about fat people. Women love to feel better about them selves when watching fat people’

director 2: ‘oh also, dance shows are hot right now, but what’s better than skinny pretty people dancing on tv?’

director 1: ‘That’s right! unattractive, fat people jiggling their fat on nation television. people will be sure to watch that!’

Damn,that was funny!

Oxygen’s combustible. Shouldn’t be that hard.