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We Need Some Middle Ground


Are any of you familiar with the Libertarian Party. Their stand on the issues seems to be right on the path this
country needs to go.


If a decent libertarian leader presented
himself I would seriously consider voting for him.

Your thoughts please


Wow, I'd never heard of these 'libertarians" are they new? Must be.


It's going to take more than the current state of affairs to make the Libertarian party a real choice. As it stands now, all third parties do is steal votes from the party that it is cloest to.


They put the books back on the shelves, don't they?


And, btw, you might like the Libertarians as a voting choice, but I would hesitate to describe the Libertarian Party as the 'middle ground'.


Hahaha. I hope so.

I actually agree alot with the Libertarian views, especially on many social issues. Their attitude is very live and let live.

However, in this world of the free market, they don't offer enough controls on huge corporations to make them feasible to someone like me. But I think that they are as close to the founding father's ideals as can possibly be.


Legalize drugs & prostitution. Open immigration. This is middle ground?


Hey man, that's just our opening offer.


Yeah, add in isolationist foriegn policy, and you've got a winner.....


My (fairly libertarian) view is that legalizing drugs in situations where the user can't hurt someone else (such as driving while intoxicated), should be fine. Why not let the government collect taxes on the substances that are already being prolifically sold?

Prostitution, if legal, could be regulated, and therefore safer for the prostitutes and for those that visit them. And again, the government could then collect taxes on the acts.

The immigration issue is a tougher one.


One word: addiction.

Assuming no societal costs. Such as broken marriages, etc. And I always thought Libertarians were for smaller gov't, now you want it involved in drug trade & prostitution?

To say the least.


Reddog, how come there isn't a greater rate of addiction in countries where drugs are legal or unretricted?

Why is it that you can get whatever you want in Mexico but we are their biggest customer? Certainly they are poor, but the cost of drugs in Mexico are incredibly cheap, if they wanted to have a cocaine addiction epidemic, I'm sure they could. And Mexico is only one example, there are plenty the world over.

In short the US laws are not keeping addiction at bay, Americans can and do get their hands on buckets of drugs.


You are right. Marriages never fail now and prostitution is virtually nonexistent. Good plan sherlock!

There is only so much money, perhaps some could be spent on something better than locking up kids who would like to smoke a joint or take steroids?

Is there possibly any criminal or terrorist activity that might legitimately take precedence?

No. No, you are right, we only allow people to have non-addictive drugs like alcohol and tobacco and to live forever in comfort with government approved painkillers such as COX-2 inhibitors.

Yeah. Good plan!


I agree with most of what this party stands for, I just read over their site and it was as if I wrote it. I'd like to see what some one from this party would do once in office. The republican party stands for most of the same stuff yet they all act like democrats.


Vroom, Prostitution is the same thing as a one night stand. What is the difference if you buy a chick dinner, nail her and don't talk to her again? It still cost you $50 to get laid..

I wonder why we don't seem more pro body builders from Mexico since you can actually buy the drugs there??


lock them up for smoking a joint, steroids are OK though, LOL


How come Alaska has some of the highest drug use int the US. http://alcoholism.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=alcoholism&zu=http%3A%2F%2Foas.samhsa.gov%2Fstates.htm

Could it be the fact that marijuana posession is legal?

Unless you live under a rock, you know that mexico has a serious drug problem.


I assume you know what the result would be if we legalized drugs?


My opinion is, for every drug that is illegal, we are in a state of "Prohibition" like with alcohol. It doesn't work and actually promotes more crime. We just don't know it since we don't have the comparison.


Again with the circular logic. "There's prostitution now, even though it's illegal, so we might as well make it legal" That's your plan?

Yeah, I'm sure that's all it is. Innocent kids just sitting around enjoying a harmless joint. Wake up Vroom.



Here is another 'middle ground' option for those fence-riders among us: