We need Biotest Vitamins and Minerals

Ok, guys lets put some pressure on Biotest to come out with a vitamin and mineral formula. Since we understand that certain minerals have to be taken apart from others, I propose the following: Make up a “Power Drive” type formula to be taken twice a day. Each seperate formula will have the perfect blend of what is needed, high vitamin C, E, Etc. To be taken on an empty stomach, wait 1/2 hour and then eat. Using the suggestions of Victor Conte, TC (supplement pyramid) and Thomas Incledon (performance nutrition). I love the orange flavor, and it would be nice to have a change in drinking water all day. I don’t drink soda or juice, so power drive is my treat. I think if they put it into a powder formula, it would cut costs considerably. Plus they could make it low carb, like the power drive. Maybe add in a small dosage of 5-htp to cut carb cravings (ala Brock Strasser) and some ALA. Heck throw in some liver protection by Doug Kalman. I’d even like to see a joint protection formula with Chrondroitin/Glucosamine/Gelatin or? Suggestions? “COME ON GUYS…ITS TIME TO QUIT TELLING US WHAT WORKS IN YOUR ARTICLES AND GIVE IT TO US”. We all know it costs too damn much and takes up to much space in our cupboards to buy all the seperate ingredients and to even remember what goes with what.

Better yet, I’d like to request a T-mag article on supplement/nutritional contraindications. For example, I’ve learned not to take creatine with glutamine, no caffeine with creatine, no calcium with zinc, no psyllium with flax (duh), DO take 5-HTP with vitamin B, etc. But these are just a few–a recent T-mag once alluded to the need to divide certain vitamins rather than gobbling a “one a day”, but didn’t further distinguish which. I’d love to see an article that outlines the most common supplements, vitamins, and minerals and briefly describes which ones are compatable, or not.

You know, I like it! I’d also like to see pre-mixed Grow! and Advanced. I know, EAS, MetRx, and WorldWide all have these, but they’re damn good! I’d bet Biotest could make one that truly has a good nutritional profile. Where’s that Grow! bar? How about some new flavors (mmmmmmmm Raspberry- hint hint). Maybe some high protein enhanced Beef Jerkey. Hey I may be the only silly fucker that wants any of this stuff, but you’ll get none if you don’t ask.

while this is a good idea, i would rather biotest focus their efforts on developing the pw drink, the n-17e’s, and their other products. by the way, any idea when the pw drink will be available???

This is a great idea…I was hoping Biotest would come out with a vitamin/mineral formula soon, maybe eventually they will. But I’m sure they’re keeping busy with the other ‘hardcore’ stuff right now.

Oh, I forgot to mention…Strawberry flavored Grow! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

That is why I think it would be easy to do. They know what we need. They don’t need any testing. It is just a matter of taking their previous article recommendations and putting it into a can. I too want to see the new formulas and ideas they have, but come on how many different pro-steroid formulas do you need?

I would rather see N-17-e hit the shelves long before vitamins.

unless, its something really groundbreaking, i’d rather biotest not come out with products of that nature. i think some of the multi vitamins such as the life extension multi are quite good, and there also some excellents joint formulas…if its something innovative, but not imitative sure go for it. i think 3 pressing needs are a low/moderate carb bar without glycerine, with an ample dose of high quality protein, that tastes good,the herbal euphoria product that i hope works in the ballpark of the ghb products like blue nitro, and the post workout formula they keep talking about.

Why make products that many well respected supplement companies make ? biotest has made their name on new inovative supplements not the same old same old

chuck, john and the rest. Innovative? why bother? hmmmmmm…well, if you like the kitchen sink method of taking vitamins/minerals with the other companies, go ahead. Damn, do you guys even read the articles that this mag writes? No one makes a perfect formula. Even buying from SNAC (victor conte’s company) they do not sell a formula. You have to buy them seperately and take at certain times of the day. If you don’t mind the kitchen sink method, then why not take some Hot Stuff. Why bother with Grow? Gee, while we are at it, why not wait for more pro-steroid formulas, and damn the bottom of the supplement pyramid that TC wrote about. Shit, might as well not even read the articles anymore. If your going to buy the junk in a can method of vitamins, why bother. Just read the ads that Biotest puts out in BTS. It appears you don’t understand or care about the articles anyway.

Oh, and I know you guys will come back with some bullshit answer. I really don’t care what you say. I am not going to read any responses to this thread anyway, so you’ll be wasting your breath. Most of you guys are maybe 17 or 18 anyway. I am 41, and started at 16. I have been taking vitamins since then. I have taken large dosages of vitamin C before you even were taking your flintstones. I am just tired of having a cabinet full of stuff that a company that is on the up and up could condense. If steroids are the only thing you are interested in, then go to mexico, stock up, come home and eat a lot of big macs. You’ll get the same effect for a lot less money. You don’t care about your health anyway. I mean, you’re gonna live forever, Right? Enough said!!!

Mr. Bodz, although you said “I really don’t care what you say” I will attempt to respond to your mindless rant. My first question is why would someone participate in a forum if they do not care about the responses ? Is it your small and closed mind (psychosis ??). All other opinions do not count hmmmm … interesting.

It appears your main problem is your disoriented and haphazard plan for buying supplements. I suggest you throw away the boron, chromium, vandium, dessicated liver and all the other bottles of junk you probably own. You really are suggesting a hybrid “Hot Stuff” with beneficial doses of all the supplements you mentioned. How much a dose would that cost ? Do you really think all of these supplements should be taken at the same time ? If you talk to ten different nutritional experts you would get ten different anwers. Who would you believe ? Would you listen to their responses ? Does everyone need the same supplements ?.. or novel idea here …do people have different needs ?

I am not 17 or 18 and I have no idea of the average age of the forum user. Where did you get his information ? Life is definitely not about steroids. Again, I have no idea how many of us are "natural" but that is a personal choice.

I would venture to guess the guys at T-Mag are not taking truckloads of vitamins, from their overflowing cupboards. Do you trust them ?

In closing get the same person who typed your post to read you this.

hooray for bitterness!!!